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    General Commander - reviews

    Please post all the General Commander reviews in this thread. The first reviews popped up....
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    2018 General Commander

    Synopsis: Source : Saradan Media Purchase: DVD - Amazon Budget: 12 million USD (1 million per episode) Release: - As yet unknown. Japan - 10th January 2019 US - 28th May 2019 Filming Locations: Manilla, Philippines Episode Guide: This was previously to be the first part of a...
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    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    NEW TRAILER FROM LIONSGATE Format: Movie Genre: ACTION Writer/Director: Philippe Martinez Producers: Philippe Martinez Cast: Steven Seagal Plot: Jake Alexander (Sensei Seagal) is a CIA Global Response Staff (GRS) contractor, Southeast Asia division. He is sent on assignment to Macau to...