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I watched it online, its one more rubbish guys whatever good you can find in it. This type of production, of storyline, of cast, of atmosphere cant satisfy anyone who respects himself. It`s no doubt on director and production company. During this flick I realised several times that I saw the same scenes and the same sets in past and that was so boring and I asked myself don`t that people have a bit of imagination to shoot some fresh scenes? Even if it`s a low budget flick people who are professionals can`t work such way. And its two times pity because Steven came to good shape now and he could do more. Lets hope he would manage to cooperate with another crew to make better production.


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I think the movie is a little bit better than the last two, who were very boring in my opinion. The story is mostly straight-forward which is a plus, and Seagal has more screen time than in the latest movie (although still not enough in my opinion). I have to note that Victor Webster was pretty good here. I didn't like him in the 3rd "Scorpion King"movie, but here he overall convinced me with both acting and fighting.
The soundtrack was a little bit better than in the latest movies too.
Unfortunately, the movie is too slow and probably too long. The look is ok, but I don't like the eastern europe locations. They should have filmed the movie in New Mexico instead (where it was announced at first). The action is ok, but there wasn't enough and like in the latest movies I miss bigger actionscenes. The fights from Webster are well done, the ones from Seagal mixed. Some pretty solid, others with the usual problems (doubles, camera too close). The final "fight" was about one second, which is a joke in my opinion.
Overall not bad, but not good either.
My rating: 5/10


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The final "fight" was about one second, which is a joke in my opinion.

It was supposed to be like that....that's why Seagal's character went into the little speech about honor, how to die, etc....to die in the tradition of the Samurai....it was a duel, kinda like the old west(US)...2 guys would be at opposite end of the street, whoever was faster and more accurate ....won....same thing with the Samurai duels...one strike, that's it.
a true master will cut slice in 3 places with one strike, a novice may slice once, good
will get you twice. So the end was supposed to be exactly as it was meant to be.
It wasn't meant to be a 'sword battle'.


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I just watched and enjoyed. A nice story, with a good balance of action and drama over the reasonably lengthy run-time for a DTV (over 90 minutes!)

Seagal looks okay and despite a period of around 10 or 15 minutes in which he vanishes about 3/4 of the way in, is clearly the star, despite a decent effort from suitably deep voiced and skilled Victor Webster.
Big Steve does his fairly familiar routine of hanging in churches (but not engaging in worship) and his obligatory routine of hanging around strip joints (but no opportunity for any disapproving staring at the naked ladies).

Iulia Verdes gave a nice, natural performance and looks like she's enjoying being there, and of course Tzi Ma adds some class.

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Didn't enjoy it much, just more of the same in dreary European locations.

The best fight scenes were generally the ones which didn't involve Seagal, which is pretty unforgivable.

More CGI blood, more boring plots and a dead-on-arrival anti-climax by way of him not having anything which could be classed as a final fight scene with the guy from Rapid Fire.

Worst was to come with End of a Gun (boring) and Contract to Kill, the first time I've had to hit the subtitles in a Seagal film to understand what the characters were saying. Not that it mattered much.

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Would love it if, in one of these behind-the-scenes featurettes, there was a talking head who actually said it like it is. We tried to do less walking doubles, we tried to have some interesting characters for once, we tried to do a hand-severing without crappy CGI blood, we tried to not have a weird tacked-on love scene. But in the end, well...