Any beverage updates?


Awhile back I had it on good authority that the energy drinks would be re-released. This was sometime just after the debut of Lawman (one of the greatest shows ever made, btw). Anyhoo... all went silent. Anyone get any new inklings that we might see the march continue? All I ever wanted to do was roll into work, take a Lightning Bolt out of the fridge, and respond to my friends' puzzled looks, "Yep, that's what it is. It's pretty much all I drink."


This is what I found on Twitter:

"We will keep everyone up-to date with the new energy drinks' development. Thanks for all of your support!"
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Man, you can't even find it on eBay anymore. Surely a single can is worth megabucks.


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cageyJG;205447 said:
.........Man, you can't even find it on eBay anymore. Surely a single can is worth megabucks.

Yep...if the 'megabucks' were Monopoly money maybe....
and sellers on E-Bay do not want 'negative feedbacks' on their profiles...

Sorry to come off as anti-Seagal..but I believe in telling it 'like it is'...
People were buying it at Walmarts and Dollar Stores for $1.00 a can....
The feedback for it is 'terrible''s rated the lowest on the list of so-called 'energy drinks'...IMO a re-release is highly unlikely....they can't get rid of the stuff as is....not for the $50.00 a case they wanted....and not even with the $20.00 rebate bringing the cost to $30.00 a's become another Seagal 'novelty' item...Dollar stores buy excess surplus,etc...that retail
stores won't touch anymore...that should give you an idea how 'good' the drink is/was...if you recall in an early Seagal interview when he was still married to Kelly LeBrock...the interviewer almost got sick on the 'tea' Seagal offered him during the interview....Seagal said himself(at that time of that interview) that alot of the things he drinks taste like horse piss...but that it is 'good for the system...body,mind,etc....Kelly couldn't stand his drinks either...

I suppose you could call them and ask(if the phone is still operational/connected) guess is that they probably fled the country.

Steven Seagal’s Energy Drink

Steven Seagal Enterprises released Lightning Bolt Energy Drink made with 100 percent natural juice. The product is all natural with no sugar added and also contains vitamins B3, B6, B12 and B5. Lightning Bolt is available in both 8.4-ounce and 16-ounce sizes, individually or in four-packs. The energy drink comes in three flavors: Asian Experience, Cherry Charge and Root Beer Rush.

Lightning Bolt Energy Drink

Steven Seagal Enterprises, Boca Raton, Fla.

Telephone: 800/278-1886


Distribution: National

Ingredients: Cherry Charge: Carbonated water, cane juice concentrate, herbal tonic blend (guarana extract, green tea extract, gogi berry extract, cordyceps, yerba mate, American ginseng, ginkgo biloba), citric acid, natural flavors, natural color, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine HCL and cyanocobalamin.
Status update, early 2011.

Hey guys, I put my tendrals out there. I've talked to Seagal's Agent and Manager, representatives from Walmart, 99 cent stores, and 7-Eleven, and I even contacted every good energy drink review site online...

I found nothing. No plans to re-release, the remaining stock appears just to sit in Seagals warehouse in LA... plus, I bet they just made one run back in 2006 and I doubt they stay "fresh" for that long. Regardless, I find a can or two on ebay so often but they normally sell for over $20 a piece.

Also, I contacted Vern... the guy who wrote the Seagalology book, he was eager to trade me for some unopened cans of Cherry Charge that he had, but then he dropped off the planet... this might be a lost venture.


Unbelievable - after all that hubbub raised when his agent (or whoever) went out on Facebook and polled us on flavors & names. Remember that, about a year ago?

Silvermania, the extent you went to hunting down this lead is truly magnificent. (On another forum I belong to, a guy actually contacted Powerwheels headquarters to get some primary source information on an trike - equally impressive.) I think I remember you from another '80s forum, BTW.

I can only imagine what I would do if I had the last six-pack of unopened Steven Seagal energy drink left in existence. Obviously the first thing I would do would be to serve one well-chilled and probably share it with friends in little shot glasses. Heck, I am even the guy that had the Lawman premiere party. With another one, I would likely make that into a Doomsday treat, to have some kind of guilty pleasure on hand to say, "Ah, _ it, I'm gonna drink this," if the unthinkable ever happened. By the way, this brings to mind the ending of a James Bond movie with Roger Moore when he escaped an exploding underwater fortress in a lavish floating pod with some babe, and then cracked the bubbly. An occasion like that would also be appropriate, I think, to savor one of the world's remaining few SS energy drinks. I can think of a few others, like the birth of my first son, etc.

Well, I am dismayed by this, and that little cherry tart that threw a wrench in Steven's year likely didn't help matters, but thank you for at least bringing closure to a tantalizing yet daunting situation.


On the JLC special, Seagal casually announced that "i got a new one now" when Lightnign Bolt was brought up. apparently it's called Zen something or other, i forget. But the point is, there IS a new drink, it just isn't out yet.


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I don't know if "Zen" would necessarily conjure up images of an "energy" drink...I would want to drink Steven Seagal's Zen tho......


Well friends, it's come to this.


I will be selling some Lightning Bolt from my personal collection to offset some other purchases I made. Also, Steven would not appreciate of a greedy personal ethos, so although difficult, I am letting some go. Thank you.
aw ive never tried them b4 n i wanna try em they dont sell them in Californiado u think u can sell them to me for a decent price if always wanted to try it n whats a price u can make me?


Dear Chris: -

You're right, they don't sell these anywhere, which is truly a shame. I think the right thing for me to do is to auction them off to allow as many people as possible a chance. It's funny that you're writing from California; I had heard that the last remaining vintage of Lightning Bolt could only be found at a few mom & pop 'tiendas' in SoCal. A true scavenger hunt. Then we were fed this tidbit a year or so ago that they were going to sell more, and then that was indefinitely postponed. While I'm sad to sell these off, I am happy to offer others a chance to hold on to a piece of history.

All the best,


Update: A really good guy got a hold of me and I enjoyed all the fan tribute work he's done IHO Steven. I'm going to learn how to make my own energy drink as a second career. Need a business model first... probably need to hire an MBA guy/gal to help conceptualize. Maybe the girl in the yellow bikini has an MBA?

I also posted an update to the cologne thread, no new replies yet, but I am dying to know if anyone ever bought the a sample.


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Oh! Shucks CageyJG all you need to do is to concock a base drink that you like, add caffiene and buy one of the home soda machines


Irishgirl, for that comment, you've just been promoted with a pay raise to my COO (Chief Operations Officer).



Steven, I wish the top of my fridge could stay like this forever... sigh...
When are you going to drop a note to your fans in the forum, especially in this topic? (Letting us know about your next drinks???)
And can you tell us more about the girl in your commercial? She is like an angel.





So I was on eBay looking around again. If we'd all bought Lightning Bolt five years ago, we'd be millionaires! Don't believe me? eBay link $37 for ONE SINGLE CAN! Day-umn! I know the pleasures of this world (money, Lightning Bolt, Steven's bikini girl) are fleeting, but all that moola certainly is tempting. I bet I could be way more into investing if I were as interested in other commodities.


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