Attrition rating on IMDb


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I feel like once it comes out of DVD a lot more people will buy it and rate it better. Let's be fair, it didn't get a proper release until now so honestly not many people got to even see it yet, i feel like it deserves a 5.8 let's be real seagal actually acted and did amazing fight scenes. It was a good movie.

lee nicholson

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For a 'Steven Seagal' movie...Attrition is pretty good (but let's not kid ourselves that it's some kind of masterpiece)

It started OK, had some more traditional fights and feel....but then soon degenerated into the usual 'Seagal and his team tool-up and raid a strip club' scenario (that we've seen a billion times before) and don't get me started on the bizarre 'Blues' musical number at the end?

You've got to face facts...because of a decade of (mostly) ropey movies...we now consider it a 'huge thing' if Steven uses his own voice, or cuts down on the doubles (which shows how easily pleased we've something that should be a prerequisite of all movies)

I have nothing against 'Attrition'....but to be fair, I think the 4.5 rating is correct (it's just that the rating for 'General Commander' is over-inflated by comparison)