Back from Clarksdale, MS saw Big G Brock


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What a show, got tons of photos which I told his Nephew I'd give him some - royalty free, but I'll retain the copyright.

"Live at 75"

They were shooting video during the show, lets hope it was in "HD". But, he was crankin' out the tunes. (Too bad their wasn't any hot looking chicks there !!! DVD's are ok, but if you ain't got the honey's to look at well. It's a waste of time. Maybe that guy will go to Ukraine for one night show after his visit in the UK and then fly to Japan for one show and Hawaii. I mean, do a World Tour.

Anybody here ever been to Clarksdale, MS ?

If your thinking about going let me know and I'll give you the straight skinny and essentially tell you where to go... I mean, in terms of the real blues.

I'll be shooting Super Chikan on May 26th.
Wonder if that guy is worth the trip ?

Plus the guy doesn't even have a Myspace page which I think he's missing out on alot of good contacts. Guess I'll have to create a fan site there.


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You know what I was thinking today at work... If I could round up from the local college some hotties - probably will have to visit the black strip club to look for volunteers. But, have Big George Brock in a music video where in which the girls all in short skirt dresses of bright colors and have them lip syncing the song "Mr. Big Stuff" You know the song - "hey mister big stuff who do you think you are"... and of course have them dancing around the guy...

I mean, what specticle that'd be and no doubt it'd be something the guy or anybody that would see it would last in their minds forever. Imagine putting that on his 75th Birthday DVD....or better yet, add it to the Seagal movie DVD !

Cha-ching... Everybody in the Blues entertainment business would buy that DVD just to see it. Hey,they'll see the movie, naturally, but simple lip sync video's would make the buying the DVD priceless.