Belly Of The Beast

Do any of you remember what the premise of this movie is. I seem to have forgotten. I also see where Out For a Kill is showing in POST PRODUCTION. Has he really already finished filming Out For a Kill?

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When John gets his computer back up and running, we can
ask him! If memory serves, he has most of that information!
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Out For A Kill was finished in November:

"LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 1, 2002--Emmett/Furla Films, a wholly owned subsidiary of Family Room Entertainment Corporation (OTCBB:FMLY) is pleased to announce the completion of principal photography on "Out for a Kill" ...."

Belly of the Beast has started - I remember an article about Seagal's recent mob trial testimony, that he had come in from Thailand while filming Belly of the Beast. Here is an article announcing the commencing of pre-production.

Seagal was also previously quoted as saying the movie was a "political thriller". I haven't seen any further info on the plot.

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Well here is a web site for Out for a kill:

The following here is from Johns web site:

Seagal was and has been in Japan in Jan of this year; now whether this has anything to do with "Belly Of The Beast" (a terrorist thriller written by James Cox, James Townsend and Captain Mauzner) is unknown to me; though it has been mentioned in print that Seagal did return from Thailand to make his court appearance on Feb 11 2003. It can be anybody's guess if it's currently being filmed.'Out For A Kill'(about a teacher getting revenge after being set-up by a drug lord, written by Sam Hayes and Dennis Dimster) which basically got filmed Sept 2002,before anyone knew about it; and the last thing in it print I saw about it ; is it having a May 2003 release date
:cool: Thanks guys and your right Casey about John most likely knowing more about the premise..
I do remember though that Seagal did mention that it would be a political thriller like jhogan mentioned. So, I guess-A POLITICAL THRILLER is all we have on Belly of The Beast so far uhh?


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There is a book called Belly of the Beast writen by a woman. It is about an American WW11 POW aboard a Japanese warship. Does that help?
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Thank you very much Lotus !!
But I am afraid that "Out For Kill" going to video !! I read this from the article !! I will find you and put it here !!

Thank you very much for this isnformation
Both Belly Of The Beast and Out For A Kill WILL be going straight to dvd/video(not really any surprises there).However,I am pretty sure that The Yakuzaand the Rescue will both make it to the big screen:)



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I think it is because you and I get distracted by the same thing. A tall goodlooking guy with long hair that you just want to run your hands thru.:D
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Hi all
I just wanted to say that I watched Out For Justice again last night and it really shows what a good and natural actor Steven is. He really needs to find roles like this again. Of course hes not bad to look at either.
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