David Carradine ..


Found out this morning that actor David Carradine has been found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok.. it is beleived he took his own life.. iam saddened by this news he was an great martial artist loved him in 'kung fu' ... the world has lost one of the best.. he was 72 ..


Crystal Scabbard
Thank you Orangatuang for posting this. Indeed, any fan of Steven needs to take a moment of silence for David and reflect on everything he had contributed to the Martial Arts, The film genre, and yes, was even probably quite an influence for Steven. Chuck Norris has offered some very kind words for David. He was a legend, a master, an old soul, and we all owe him our gratitude and respect.

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
Loved the comedy skit with Wil Sasso on MAD TV. Where Sasso portrays Steven Seagal snapping Carradine's neck. Good humor on David's part


Hi David Carradine whas a very good actor to, and i see kung fu in in the
Year 70 every week on television ,he whas olsto very good .
For my is Steven Seagal very much better and fantastic.


i saw on the early morning news here in aussie that David Carradine's funeral was today and quiet an few well know actors etc were there like Tom Selleck Lucy Lui .. he will be missed but i look at it this way iam sure he has left an foot prints in peoples lives whom have loved him and worked with him ...


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They filmed the second Kung Fu series here in Toronto; there was a very big following here for the series, and then Warner Bros. cancelled it suddenly. I was bummed.

I was very sad to hear about his death. It just didn't seem like it was his time to go, yet.


I was very saddened about his death. God bless you you will go to heaven David thats for sure. Good bye.

i am very shocked at his death he was a true gentleman and a great martial artist i remember him once saying that the best masters of the martial arts were the ones who were the nicest and most down to earth. David will be missed,may he rest in peace god bless