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  • Hi ya ! I just realised that I haven't heard from you for awhile. You have a new president, since, so congrats !
    I’m sending you my very Best Wishes for the New Year and hope all good things come your way in the year ahead. Blessings for 2009!
    Well here I am poppin' by again ! I really envy you living out there in CA, as the rain is currently non-stop here this evening ! Even my dogs are howling to get in by the fire ! I am going to call it a day ! see you later
    Hey - nice hearing from you ! By any chance are ''ye'' still 'praying for rain in CA' - well pray harder please as we seem to have it all year 'round over here !:D:D
    Hey Tourmaline - just popping by to say Hi ! I have been away for awhile. Now that could mean a lot of things (a) Prison (b) Mental Insituation (c) Making movies with Steven Seagal and of course the answer is: (c) of course ! Well I am just full of old blarney as usual - I was just having internet problems ! Soooo I am back .......................
    Oh yeah she is gonna shake us off like the fleas we are, it's just a matter of time. Have you ever listened to Pink Floyd's "Take it Back" ? It's really right on and the video's excellent
    hey tourmaline
    excellent choice of quotes, and that is exactly what many in this world need to learn
    as for the pic yeah its an eye opener to how minute we people really are in the vast universe that can live without us however we cannot live without it
    Well Thank you for popping by to let me know about your 'bonding' journey through the emerald Isle !!!! But you have to be up a little earlier for me, unless of course, the mountains behind you are Carrigthouhill in Cork .................. I wonder hmmmm ! If so, You could have been very near the crock of gold at the foot of this mountain !!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello there,

    Yes I live in the heartland Kansas USA. And yes there is alot of heart here.

    I see you live in CA, I have been to CA a few times, but only to the airports in SF and LA, would like to go there some day to spend some time in sunny CA.

    Nice meeting you.Take care.

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