De Niro Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer


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Acting legend Robert De Niro is suffering from prostate cancer - his spokesman has announced. The Raging Bull star is now undergoing an undisclosed course of treatment to combat the disease. Spokesman Stan Rosenfield reassured fans that the cancer was "detected at an early stage" and that doctors "project a full recovery." The 60-year-old star is one of America's most respected actors and the recipient of two Oscars.

Let's pray for this great man's health, everything will be alright !!!



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Oh !! I was very sad !! I like him and he is good actor.
Thank you ROdrigo for this information but bad news !!
in oneness


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Sad news, but I am sure he will be fine...
The good news is it is very treatable if found early..
My dad had radiation treatment for his which was fairly aggressive, but
so far so good...
As far as I know from the video we watched every man should get checked begining in his 40's by having the PSA test done as well as having a physical exam...
Hopefully our Dear Steven is getting checked out too!
You can't ever be too careful about early detection, guys!
Best wishes to Mr. Deniro and his family, my mom is a big fan of his...
It's hard to believe someone so tough as DeNiro has got cancer. He doesn't seem to be a man who lets things bother him so hopefully he'll make a full recovery.


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It's a good thing they caught it early. I find a lot of times with men in particular that they do NOT get such things checked out, for the stupidest reasons (mostly because of the discomfort), or they think that feeling slightly off-colour or some such doesn't warrant a trip to the doctor, and what ends up happening is that they don't get treated in time.

I've lost a few male friends to death by cancer because they were too "manly" to go to the doctor.

Men, be wimps! See your doctor for annual check-ups! If something doesn't feel right, CHECK IT OUT.

-TD, mourning the loss of good friends who died too young