Expendables Franchise Done


With the latest movie in the franchise(Exp 3) bombing in the North American box office this weekend I think we can safely say this will put an end to the series. I think the reasons for its horrible opening might be a combination of its PG-13 rating(the reason I passed on it) and the movie being leaked onto the black market. This has also been a series of flops for Stallone and his movies may start to be scaled back some now as well.


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There is one thing that could help the franchise. Make a serious hard R action movie with a strong story where some of the teammembers are getting killed. EX3 was the same movie as EX2.

Although I really liked the movie!


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Nothing is officially done so just relax. There will be a fourth movie without a doubt. America is not the only place the movie can make money. And they will get the money for EX4.
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