Half Past Dead DVD released for sale


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Yipee for Sensei! I knew HPD would rent well...I am very happy for him...:) I am gonna rent HPD, too...:D

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Originally posted by Pat

As to comment about the deleted scenes of course those of us
mostly us women love the deleted scenes, not only does
Steven look GREAT,but makes the movie and his anger
more real.
They did the same thing with Glimmer Man when they cut
out the part about his wife.

Also, I can understand if someone does not have the money
to buy the DVD, but those of us who do want to buy them
should not be insulted about how we choose to spend
our money.


The scene with his wife was pointless to the film. The fact that she was dead was enough, seeing how she died was not important because it was explained in the film, that is most likely why it was cut.

And who insulted how who spends money?

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I guess we will find out. I'm supposed to have it by April 7th, I believe. The last time I ordered a book that they couldn't get, they let me know two days after I ordered it that I couldn't get it. So far, so good.

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Just viewed my DVD "HPD"

After all I read I expected to be disappointed by Half Past Dead, but I liked it very much. They did some new things and Steven as a sky diver was awesome even if he used a stunt man. I've sky dived so I could spot the change, but the film was good, better than EW. :)


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It was a good movie, I liked it alot...I though he was so cool, I liked the scarf thingy, BTW whats that called in street lingo? Gotta have a name...:D Somehow, I just liked Exit Wounds a lot...Yipeeee, I finally bought both HPD and Foreigner on VHS...:)


I Belong To Steven
Well actually, I haven't gotten them yet...LOL I think I'm maybe ummm a bit too obviously smitten when it comes to Steven, huh?