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Hi, just wanted to say a quick hello to the folks here, I have been reading this site for about a week and a member for a few days now.Very nice site with some really nice people, also I was impressed when I saw a couple of threads with directors of some of the movies posting here and taking questions.
Way cool!
I was a big fan of Steven's movies way back when he first started, then kind of drifted away as he also sort of seemed to drift away, but I now find he was making some of these straight to video movies. I recently began picking these up and catching up some, still got quite a few to get, but hopeful that Urban Justice will be as good as Fauntleroy (sp?) is hoping.
I look forward to interacting with the group here, it should be fun!


bring it on big guy
hi glad ur enjoyin the site everyone is great and down to earth best of all they say what they think lol its a great sit for all stevens fans to interact and discuss all things steven and i hope u have loads of fun and enjoy ur self i not been a member long but enjoy all discussions and there is some really nice people here from all parts of world i enjoy it anyhow lol x

Mama San

Welcome to the "Unoffical Steven Seagal Web Site"!!
God bless,
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Hi you have come to the best place others have come and gone but this place will always rock..and us fans here are an friendly bunch..