Here is some news about Steven


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Thanks for this, Seagal jr. Of course he can actually fight. He would kill all the other action stars in a blink of an eye...:D

Mama San

Steven excells in "ALL" of the Martial Arts.
He simply enjoys Aikido better and I might
add he is the best at it!!!
I'm sure there is an extensive listing of his
accomplishments on the site somewhere.
God bless,
Mama san


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supertom said:
I don;t know why they think Seagal knows Karate? They might mean Kenpo.

Seagal is a Black Belt in ****o Ryu Karate-Do under Fumio Demura, Seagal's first Martial Art and Martial Art instructor. Also he is a 7th Dan Black Belt in Aiki-Kai Aikido, a Black Belt in Judo, and a Black Belt in Kenjitsu. He has also studied Sayoc Kali and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu briefly.