Hi everyone I am new at this forum


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Just wanted to say hello to all of you and hope to get to know you.
Will surf a little around and read what is said in here.

Wish you all a good day
greetings from powwowa


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Thank you so very much for the warm welcome from all of you.

I went to see Steven Seagal in Copenhagen Denmark the 25 of January and it was a great concert . Did enjoy it very much.
Next day I went to a place called City 2 where Steven were to write authographs for his fans , and I was so fortunate to have the pleasure to give Steven Seagal a picture I had made ..and I got his authograph too.
I have some photos from that day If you like to see them on my space .


May you all have a wonderful day . And thanks again for the welcome.

Mama San

Powwowa, Welcome to the board!
God bless,
Mama san


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Hey Powwowa, I know you will enjoy yourself on the forum among us mad lot, but welcomr anyway, Steven & Thunderbox are fantastic in concert are'nt they? I went to see them at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on January 17th, it was such a memorable night for me! Join the crazy gang, co's we're all crazy on this Forum!