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Hola, les escribo desde Argentina y envio cordiales saludos a todos los fans del Sr. Estiven Sigal en el mundo. Mi nombre es German, y soy el mas grande fan del Sr. Estiven Sigal en mi pais. Junto con unos amigos fumdamos el Mr. Steven Seagal´s Club de Fans For Ever; lo adoramos, adoramos sus peliculas, sus frases, sus gestos, sus posturas, sus movimientos, sus obras de caridad y su mentalidad ambientalista y naturista. Sin duda es el mayor astro entre los actores, porque Estiven no es un actor. El es Estiven.

Hi, writting from Argentina and I'm sending my greetings to all Mr. Steven Seagal´s fans around the world. My Name is German and i'm Mr. Steven Seagal's biggest fan in my country. Within some friends we founded "Mr. Steven Seagal´s Club de Fans For Ever"; we just adore him, adore his movies, his phrases, his gestures, his posings, his movements, his charity involvement and his ambientalist and naturist point of view. No doubt He is the greatest star between the actors of this world because Steven is not an actor. He is Steven.
I tried to make me understand through my poor knowledge of the English language, I hope you could understand what I just wrote... Keep loyal to Steven... because He is the one.


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Hello German Ariel, Welcome to the site, you do not have a poor knowledge of the English Language, you are doing very well, & I agree with everything you say about Steven, he is very well loved the world over, he is very talented, he is a wonderful man, his love of nature, animals, people, & mother earth, make him so lovable & such a caring person! I hope that you will keep in touch, & let me know all about Argentina, as my Son visited Argentina, Brazil, & all surrounding countries when he was working out there teaching english & also learning Spanish (varied forms) for a year ?& he loved all of the different countries, I have a photo of him standing at the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, he has many different photo's of Argentina, & surrounding countries, please keep in touch. Suzy.

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Welcome to the board!!
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