I think that's a good idea....


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Hey, what do you think, we put our photos here, so we can know each other, see each other.... what do you think ??? those who thinks a good idea, can put the photos, those who doesn't, don't put them...

I just think that it would be a different thing here in the board...


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No no... it's not a beauty contest... I'm very ugly, but I just think it is a mean to see who we are talking too... hheehehehe maybe some girls here are models, I don't know...

Amos Stevens

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Don't get me wrong=not trying to stop this idea,but I believe on S.S.com they tried this & people were using others photos to ridicule & give them a bad time-so you may find people aren't into posting their photos.

Mama San

You're right, Amos!
The cruel treatment of Hatch was evidence
of that! It was a sick "joke" that just went on and on!
I would agree with both you and Catlady!
God bless,
Mama san


Smile dammit!
I have to agree. It is just used against you by some. I remember the old member's pics thread. It was great to put a face to the name. Mind you it couldn't happen here so why not?