is Belly OTB out in Region 1 yet?


come get some
anyone got theirs yet? mine is on order.

and if you got it, what are the extras on the disc like?
Ain't out til the 30th or shortly before, apparently the disc has trailers for The Foreigner, Out for a Kill, Belly of the Beast and a Hong Kong actioner called Returner.

Hey, at least Belly's in widescreen.


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suziwong said:
where is mine ?? I am still waiting !!!! :(

Well, if you ordered it from B&N same as me, suzi, they won't ship it until the release date of December 30th (you'll notice you haven't been billed yet for it, which you won't be until they ship it).

It usually takes three weeks for it to come to Canada, I shudder to think how long it will take to get to Turkey! Though with the way my luck has been recently, you'll probably get it before I do!