John Inman..


Dont worry i wont take up too much of your time but i thought some would like to know that actor John Inman has died after an long illness he was 71...

Boy i loved him as Mr. Humphrys in 'are you being served' iam sure suzy4458 and Glimmerman know whom iam talking about...

He will be missed i hope that they show re-runs from the beginning of 'are you being served' just out of respect and in honour of him...he was into car racing i think too the older type cars ...

loved how he acted like he was GAY and always loved doing the inside of guys trousers funny guy..i think he made that show..i wonder how many of them from that show are still alive?..

ok thats it for now..


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Hey Heather, of course I know who you are talking about, he used to have me in stitches with his portrayal of Mr Humphries! he was hilarious, I didn't even know he was ill, never mind that he had died, I am so sorry to hear that, he was a good comedy actor, Farewell John!

Mama San

He was a wonderful actor.
"Are you being served?" was
seen here in Columbus over
WOSU Channel 34.
Sometimes, even now, I can catch
it playing. I never fail to watch it
when ever it comes on.
Of course, he was a much younger
man when it was being filmed.
"Mr. Humphries, are you free?"
Funny, funny show!
May he rest in peace.
God bless,
Mama san

Mama San

I was able to find out this much:

Mrs. Slocombe:
Mollie Sugden lives in rural England
She a widow and has 2 children

Captain Peacock:
Frank Thornton has wife, 1 child &
3 grandchildrens.

Ms. Brahms:
Wendy Richard divorced 3 times
and is a breast cancer survivor.

Mr. Rumbold:
Nicholas Smith is married with
1 child (Catherine Russell, actress)

Mr. Harman:
Arthur English died in 1995.

Mr. Spooner:
Mike Berry still works occasionally.
singer, was...
(Mike Berry and the Outlaws)

God bless,
Mama san