Movies Kill Switch Trailer!!


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King Switch, what King?

Kill Switch seems to the average Seagal fan like the usual block buster
action movie. But there's more to this movie. Kill Switch starts with
how Jacob King is eye witness to the killing of his brother (twin's ?)
by a strange character (your most inconspicuous neighbor?) with a
shaving knife. This trauma incident becomes the motive for King to
award his evil most wanted enemies with no less a evil Vengeance.

After Waco and Weaver people have begun to understand that the Federal
Government is using most weird criminals to straighten out their hidden
agenda. These criminals of the Federal Cabal seem to communicate using
the occult, which can be seen back in the evil Satanic character of the

But no worries, Jacob King (Steven Seagal) knows how to deal with these
types since his brothers birthday.


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Great trailers, the trailer is better than the movie...

Kill Switch has to be one of the worst Seagal movies of all time.


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Very Interesting

you guys make some pretty badass trailers if you don't mind me saying. i liked killswitch it was a pretty interesting film. i just didn't like the decision that every fight scene would use recycled frames. the story itself was very entertaining though.
So I still need to ask the BIG QUESTION: What in the hell is the ending suppose to mean? Can someone ask Joe Haplin what the ending to Kill Switch meant??