Maximum Conviction 2 *speculation*


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So do you guys think there will be an Maximum Conviction 2 ?? I think I read something about it in a interview not long ago, but I'm not sure.
Also in the end when Seagal says *it ain't over 'till we're dead* could be the leadup to a sequel.


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IF they're making it there is some stuff that should be worked out first.

1. More screen time for Seagal without a doubt.

2. A couple more fight scenes with Seagal.

3. No handheld camera work for the fight scenes.

There's probably more.
I don't want to see MaxCon 2.. Maybe sequel to Urban Justice or Pistol Whipped would work better because those are way better films than Maximum Conviction. :)


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There will never be sequels to this movies, because that doesn't make sense. The only one was Black Dawn, but even if they didn't tell us that this is The Foreigner 2, nobody would have noticed that. Only the name Jonathan...