Meeting other fans


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i would like to know if you ever had the chance to meet other Seagal fans in person?

I had two experiences, but they were not as i expected.

There was a male fan, who said he is a fan like me, but i didn´t know until he found it that everything he said was a lie. His true personality was absolute selfish and he betrayed me completely.
I feel so sorry that people can create such behaviour.

The second was more positive, but not completely.
This time it was a female person. She was nice and good natured, but somehow she wasn´t interested in knowing another Seagal fan.

I believe in humans, but so far i didn´t found a person who shares my interest. It is not only the movies, but also about the the person of Seagal, the world, humans, spirituality, love and the world i wanna talk about.

How about you?


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No. Apart from other fans I talk to here, people I have met "in person" don't have the same ongoing interest about him as I do.
They might know and even like his older films, but mostly just laugh at me when I talk about his recent films or music or "Lawman" etc.
It's not just about Seagal, but the fact that I enjoy old movies so much, especially action films, everything from Bogart to Gene Hackman to Seagal.
They think I am lame or a boring person, but anyway, I don't care. Sometimes I do wish I had someone to talk to though who really had the same interests as me.


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To think someone is lame or boring is some kind of evil.
Good that you don´t care.
Speaking of Bogart to Gene Hackman films: They made good jobs, but they didn´t entertain me.
Seagal, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Lundgren, Norris and other little 80s Action movie stars did/ doing a perfect job to entertain. I also can agree with you that i want to talk with someone in person to share the interests.


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Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love action films as well from the 80s. I just want to share with you, I enjoy many different kinds of films from different years.

Anyway, nice to meet you here.