Out For A Kill finishes principle photography


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Originally posted by justice808
cman doesn't post that often but when he does you know he gives us something special!Nice one m8.
I´m right beside you...
I´m a man of few words...

:D Cman


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That can´t be the offcial poster....its not Steven´s hand holding the gun......my words....

J Horton

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Hi Cman

Suppose this another film we will not get to see over here in Britain. I cann't keep up with you hard core fans. Now I'm getting depressed can U tell?

Where do you get all this info from? I'm sure suzi has hand in these poster designs or even goes out to take pictures of Steven as she gets them so quick, nice one!

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Mama San

I think you're right! It isn't Steven's hand!
Look at the finger nail! Steven's finger nails
do not look like that!
Check out "Fire Down Below"! The scene where
he is examining the water, (it's an extreme close up
of his face and hand), just before he discovers the guys
with the little boy, growing marijuana!
God bless,
Mama san


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I didn't even look at that hand, the face was too darn delicious and distracting!
Eww, whose hand is it? It looks hairy! But now that you all mention it, I gotta say that Steven does have really amazing hands! :D heh, heh ,heh ;)


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Sorry guys, but I have no information of the origin of the pictures.I found them from Finnish movie site.I don´t know if they are authentick or not, it remains to be seen when OFK will be released on spring.
I have inquiry concerning origin of the pictures and if there is more to gome, I let you know.

Meanwhile let´s in enjoy of those...
:) Cman

Mama San

Thank you for bringing the picture to us.
It is his face and I guess that's all that really matters!
God bless,
Mama san