Out For A Kill finishes principle photography

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Originally posted by Leonbootyrocker:

Found this from just over a week ago.

Family Room Finishes Going "Out For A Kill" And Sees The "Blind Horizon"
Monday November 4, 8:45 am ET

LOS ANGELES, CA--(INTERNET WIRE)--Nov 4, 2002 -- Emmett/Furla Films, a wholly owned subsidiary of Family Room Entertainment Corporation (OTC BB:FMLY.OB - News) is pleased to announce the completion of principal photography on "Out for a Kill" as well as announcing that Val Kilmer has committed to the lead role in their forthcoming production, "Blind Horizon".


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That poster has to be a fake... it is nothing more than a collaboration of pics from previous posters (the hand holding the .45 is from 'Above The Law', and the face is from 'Under Siege', while the text is from 'The Rock'...


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New poster from Out for a kill

:) Cman


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OOOOOOOOOO !! This is very very nice !! I guess this movie looks nice Good !!

Thank you Cman !! Good job !! with two poster !!

Thank you