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I agree that some new ideas are needed. While Seagal's films have recently been getting better reviews, there is only so much of the same type of story that even we as fans can put up with.


SimonLustenberger said:
jes, that was definitely the stunt-double. This scenes are pretty scary

i think it is steven but i need to watch the dvd to be pretty sure ;) just replied the trailer a few times.. maybe half seagal half double


Well, my copy of Shadowman arrived today. Needless to say, I`ve had a smile on my face all day! I have to agree with what Craig said, this is what the Foreigner could have been. A good Seagal film, plenty of action, some great, ALL SEAGAL fight scenes, and a plot which I didn`t find too hard to follow. However, as others have said, it is time for something a little different. Maybe Harvester could be just the thing? Anyhoo, overall it`s great to have another new film from The Tall Guy, and I eagerly await his upcoming projects. Fellow Seagal fans, I think you`re gonna like this one!!

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I have an uneasy feeling that Harvester (2006) won't be what we are looking for but we shall see.


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marky96 said:
I have an uneasy feeling that Harvester (2006) won't be what we are looking for but we shall see.

Believe it or not I am very impressed with Seagal, so far with these two movies, Mercenary For Justice and Shadow Man the quality keeps getting better and he is putting out better movies then the next so hopefully the Black Dawn, Submerged, and Out Of Reach days are over for good.


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That is true, it's just that cheaply made sci-fi films tend to be very bad. What also worries me is that the film was shot sometime ago now yet we still no nothing about it beyond a vague plot outline, none of his co-stars have ever mentioned it in interviews and there is still no release date set. Just a feeling that we might have a real stinker on our hands.


My shadow-dude review

Watched shadow man this morning...

Better then the "stuff" he has been delivering lately.

7.5/10 overall, doubles, and voice overs.

fight scenes i would give 8/10....however there are not enough...good aikido techniques, enjoyed them and they were believable. He didn't use so many doubles this dojo scene.

Major complaint = its way too long and drawn out.



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You guys have got to be kidding. This is a clear step backward from Mercenary. Crummy action, lame characters and weak production. Reminded me of The Foreigner.


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I thought it was good film.The story line was okay but the story never really matters in a Seagal movie. Lots of action. The fights were cool. Glad to see Seagal doing some of his Old School moves. There were only a couple of small lines dubbed. The one thing that did bother me though was the extensive use of the Photo double. It seemed like when ever he was seen getting into a cab or walking up to a building from outside they used a photo double. My guess is Seagal was only available for interior scenes but not exterior shots and alot of these scenes were filmed after Seagal left. It just made the film look a little cheaper. I still enjoyed the film though and i hope that Seagal continues to do his own fighting because it makes his films more enjoyable. 3/5.


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my copy has came yet, :( I am still waiting, although when I get it after my son goes to bed I will be watching it.


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So I just finished watching Shadow Man.

I came into the movie very much ready to be dissapointed. I will start with the bad in the film


1. This is probably the most Seagal has ever been doubled. Not in the fight scenes, but everytime It wasnt a shot of seagal's face you could tell it was a double.

2. The car chase at the beginning was super boring.

3. Seagal's voice is dubbed again but only in spots and it didnt really bother me.

4. The helicopter scene was just plain bad.

5. Again the plot was very hard to follow.

Ok the bad is out of the way. Now the good.


1. Seagal does his own fight scenes and they are good fight scenes.

2. TONS OF ACTION!!!!!! People are constantly getting shot or beat up.

3. The scene where Seagal keeps talking about wanting drugs and women is so funny.

Seagal pokes a guys eyes out, caps an old women in the head, slaps a bartender and more....

Belly of the beast was Seagal's best DTV movie, but this one might have beaten it out and probably does because Seagal does all his own fighting.

I was ready to be letdown but instead I was super enertained.

If the Car chase and the helicopter scene had been good and if Seagal hadnt been doubled so much.......This would have been one of my favorite Seagal movies ever...but maybe it is anyways.


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Shadow Man Review

As you may have read, one of Seagal's upcoming projects will be released in theaters. So, all I have to say is, if his theatrical release is anything like Shadow Man, his career is over.

Shadow Man was another let down. This one didn't have as much hype as Black Dawn or Today You Die, and my expectations were at an all time low. But, that doesn't excuse this movie from being horrible.

The editing on this film was terrible. Pure amature editing. The gun shot sound effects didn't even sinc in with the actual shooting half the time. This film was poorly cut and the special effects weren't special at all.

The film quality on this was pretty good, and I enjoyed looking at a lot of the settings. Michael Keusch did a pretty decent job at keeping some of the shots interesting while the movie was continuously boring.

The plot was awful. Just like all Seagal's DTV movies, this plot is complicated and, in the end, very very stupid, as well as dragging.

The action was good and there was a lot of it. I did enjoy watching Steven return to his signature "beating up 4 people at the same time" scenes. I'd say from start to finish there was at least 5 quality fight scenes with a lot of aikido. This was a HUGE plus. There was a lot of gun fighting as well but the gun fights were pure mediocrity and worth as much as the word "decent" is in today's society. The car chases are crap and again, poorly edited. But then again, the cinematography was so outdated for a car chase it's rediculous.

Overall this was probably the WORST screenplay ever written by man. The dialogue is so cliche and horrible. So is the dubbing. The plot sucks, the acting is sub par. But at least Steven does his own stunts, which is pathetic that I even have to get excited about it.

*There are numerous scenes where Seagal fights multiple people and with the use of aikido...So I guess that's enough to sell you guys.

Feel free to ask me questions.