Seagal in a Japanese movie production?


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Hi guys,

I would like to know if you would like to see Seagal in a Japanese movie production? He did some commercials in the past, but not an actual movie.

I would like to see him as Golgo 13 produced by Samuel Hadida, with Christophe Gans as a director.

In case you want to know why and what Golgo 13 is, take a look here:

Duke Togo is one perfect role for Seagal. :) I have the original Anime movie + the OVA + a few manga at home.

My personal choice for a would be THE IMPOSSIBLE HIT, since it very well written and its although Togo is killing his subject successfully he can't be proven guilty.


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Thanks for your replies to this particular and the other topics DiDa!

Yeah, Seagal as Duke Togo is my personal dream project for Seagal, second-only to the STILL CANCELLED Genghis Khan.