Seagal movies in order of preference

1.)Under Siege
2.)On Deadly Ground (yes,I know:rolleyes: )
3.)Marked for Death
4.)The Patriot (What am I on?:D )
5.)Above the Law
6.)Executive Decision
7.)The Glimmer Man
8.)Under Siege 2:Dark Territory
9.)Hard to Kill
10.)Half Past Dead
11.)Out for Justice
12.)Exit Wounds
13.)Fire Down Below
14.)The Foreigner

My choices anyway,what about yours?



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ofj number 11 no way.........

mine are



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1. Marked For Death
2. Under Siege
3. Above The Law
4. Out For Justice
5. The Glimmer Man
6. Fire Down Below
7. Hard To Kill
8. On Deadly Ground
9. Exit Wounds
10. Under Siege 2
11. The Foreigner
12. Ticker
13. The Patriot
14. Half Past Dead

I don't really count Executive Decision as a Seagal film per se, as it is a Kurt Russell film with a cameo from Seagal, so I am omitting it from my list.


My list goes something like this:

1. Above The Law
2. The Glimmer Man
3. Exit Wounds
4. Under Siege
5. Hard To Kill
6. Marked For Death
7. Under Siege 2
8. The Patriot
9. On Deadly Ground
10. Fire Down Below
11. Out For Justice
12. Half Past Dead
13. The Foreigner

Didn't include Executive Decision or Ticker because they're not really Seagal films.
Steven Seagal stars and has considerable screen time in Executive Decision.I would gladly include it in my list,as I think him appearing in it and killing off his 'indestructable hero' image was a very wise move.The film My Giant was where he had a cameo.

Glimmer-I also notice you put Half Past Dead at the bottom of your list,yet I remember you wrote a positive review of it once in another thread.I wonder why?


Amos Stevens

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Hard to Kill
Above the Law
Under Siege
Marked For death
The Glimmer man
Half Past Dead
Fire Down Below
Out For Justice
Exit Wounds
Under SIege 2
The Patriot
On Deadly Ground
Executive Decision
The Foreignor


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ok this was HARD! But here is my list...

1) Exit Wounds
2) Fire Down Below
3) On Deadly Ground
4) The Glimmer Man
5) The Patriot
6) Out for Justice
7) Above the Law
8) Under Siege 2
9) Under Siege
10) Marked for Death
11) Hard to Kill
12) Half Past Dead
13) The Foreigner
14) Ticker
15)Executive Decision


come get some
1. Above the Law

2. Out for Justice

3. Marked for Death

4. Hard to Kill

5. The Glimmer Man

6. On Deadly Ground

7. Fire Down Below

8. Under Siege 2

9. Under Siege

10. The Patriot

For some reason, I don't like the more "commercial" Under Siege stuff as much as I do the hardcore early movies that he did...


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Sascha - that was back in the days when I didn't want to offend anyone. These days I don't care who I offend. Half Past Dead, while not a bad movie for a Seagal film, was little more than a 3rd rate re-hash of the far superior The Rock and although my review was a positive one, it was because I was actually suprised that it wasn't as bad as everyone was making out. But it was still pretty bad.


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Marked for Death
Out for Justice
Exit Wounds
Under Siege
The Glimmer Man
On Deadly Ground (terrible film, good fights)
Hard to Kill
Above the Law
Fire Down Below
Executive Decision (short cameo is better than all bellow put together)
Under Siege 2 dark Territory
Half Past Dead
The Patriot
The Foreigner

I am expecting Out for a Kill to go somewhere between Half Past dead and the Patriot, hope I am wrong though


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Here's how I would place Seagal's movies.

1* Under Siege
2* Out For Justice
3* Marked For Death
4* Above The Law
5* Exit Wounds
6* Under Siege 2:Dark Territory
7* The Glimmer Man
8* The Patriot
9* On Deadly Ground
10* The Foreigner
11* Half Past Dead
12* Fire Down Below
13* Ticker




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1)Out for Justice - just for the bar scene and richie fight

2)Marked for Death - the bit where he fights the three guys before he kills the first screwface is outrageous

3)Under Siege - Awesome

4)Above the Law - badass

5)Glimmerman - This film is good, almost identical in style to last boy scout, which is also a genius film

6)Hard to Kill - "**** you and Die!"

7)Under Siege 2 - In some ways better than the first, not as good a film, but maybe more entertaining? Plus Ryback is tougher.

8)On Deadly Ground - This film is amazing. He goes through all the spiritual world, then he's in that big gun house and he's like "yeh spirits, nice, but better yet, let's kill everyone" legend!

9)Fire Down Below - "on second thougts, i'll tell him"

10)Exit Wounds - a bit wanky with the fight scenes

11)The Foreigner - still not sure about this

12)The Patriot - nice enough, but not enough fights

13)Ticker - oh dear. so bad it's barely funny.

14)Executive Decision - it's a good film i spose. But....Austin Travis falls out the plane, although i'm sure he shrugged off the 13,000ft fall, he's not in the film anymore.
The Foriegner
The Patriot
The Glimmerman
Hard To kill
Exit Wounds (actually well done)
Marked For Death

The rest I don't really care.
And I haven't seen ticker.


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Here Goes

1)Glimmerman...he shows a nice sense of humour in it.

2)Exit Wounds...he made an effort to look really good in this.

3)Out For Justice...dont f... with Seagal

4)Marked For Death...Offbeat.

5)Under Siege... oh yeah baby.

6)Under Siege one beats me in the kitchen. I believe it

7)Hard To Kill...Nobody has yet. I dont count ED.

8)Above the impressive debut.

9)Fire Down Below...we know what that feels like girls, as far as Steve
is concerned.

10)Half Past Dead...Back to what he does best.

11)The Patriot... nice to see him as a dad.

12)Executive Dec...only because it introduced me to Steven.

13)On Deadly Ground...Blow them all to Heck.

14)Ticker...I have no idea. Steve must have made a lot of money.

15)The Foreigner...Not a Seagal movie by any meansIt makes no sense.

luv & peace