Seagal vs Lebell

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Anyone who would believe the stupider elements of the story especially must be pretty gullible. As must people spreading it who were clearly not even there.

Reminds me of the nonsense with Richard Gere and the hamster or whatever it was.

The stunt guy in the interview above seems very genuine and is the only person, other than Seagal, who I've been happy to believe. Especially as he seems to be friends with Lebell, so it's nice to see him supporting Seagal and discounting silly rumours.

Can't blame Steven for not wanting to comment on the story, it's just too stupid to waste time on.

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This urban-myth came around at the dawn of internet chat-rooms (primarily) by 'Seagal-Haters' and has morphed (via chinese-whispers) as Seagal continued to piss more and more people off.
I know Seagal can be a jerk, but another of his traits (that even I as a fan, can admit) is that he rarely backs up what he says. I can't envision him putting himself in a (potentially dangerous or embarrassing) situation that has a fifty/fifty success rate. Therefore, I can fully believe he tried to 'sucker' LeBell (as other cast and crew have professed to this tactic) and Gene (as proficient a grappler as he is) wasn't haven't having any of it, and countered Seagal.
But no studio, producers, directors, investors, friends (and most importantly) paid bodyguards would have risked the safety of their star (if only out of pure financial reasons) which could have likely resulted in movies being cancelled, insurance recinded and huge lawsuits. So other than one strike (Seagal) and a takedown (LeBell) no 'choke-holds' or passing out (or defication) ever took much as Seagal's detracters would have liked it to?

As for the person who spread the rumour, I'm almost certain it's LeBell. He's well-known for telling tall-tales, allbeit with a knowing-wink (if only to keep himself in the limelight) and it hasn't really done his career any harm, since. This is the same Gene LaBell that claimed to have choked out Bruce Lee also.

Bottom line is, both Seagal & LaBell are polar opposites.....Both tough guys, but Seagal takes himself a little too seriously (wheras LeBell doesn't) Perhaps if Seagal hadn just taken advice from LeBell and allow him to show the technique, both might have taken something from the experience.
However, this is Seagal (circa 1991) who likely thought himself unbeatable (and unteachable)


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Seagal has even told this story to Ariel Aelwani. It seeks to amaze me how people bash Seagal for being a liar.

Seagal did lie in the Ariel Halwani interview.

He said literally "I swear on my children and they´re the most sacred thing on earth that there was no physical altercaction.

Well, Steven: There was because you hit LeBell in the balls while LeBell hit you while falling on the ground.

I consider that an altercation. Seagal lied by saying there was no physical altercation.


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(6) Does Steven Seagal really hurt Stuntmen??? / Can Seagal Really Fight??? - YouTube

Here´s the rest of the Steven Lambert interview. The story where Arnold Schwarzenegger pal Sven-Ole Thorsen told Seagal that he hit like a girl is hilarious and also the story where Seagal and Thorsen are in a helicopter and Thorsen took a fork and turned it into a rose and gave it to Seagal´s girlfriend because he was the strongest man of Norway.

But there´s something I don´t understand.

Kelly LeBrock was with her husband at the movie premiere of "On Deadly Ground". They were still together. They broke up afterwards.

Seagal didn´t have a girlfriend at the time because he was with LeBrock together.

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The last interview covers an apparent ‘pool room’ fight in On Deadly Ground with Seagal and Sven. There is a pool room fight but Sven isn’t in it. Seagal does fight Sven in a later scene but no pool cues are involved, just the animal bone club. Unless there were other fights filmed we’re not aware of, the facts seem to be getting mixed up a little, which may not bode well for the Out for Justice story.


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Here´s some totally news for all of us.

The Seagal vs LeBell encounter happened not on the "Out for Justice" movie set. Steven Lambert told me on facebook that it was on the "Marked for Death" set.

That makes sense because Steven Lambert is listed as a stuntman during the end credits, I don´t know about Lincoln Simonds however.
LeBell wasn´t mentioned, however.