Seagal WILL be making Under Siege 3!!!!!!!

Hi Suzi,

The reporter was basically having a go at Seagal:mad: He is obviously someone who dislikes Seven Seagal and doesn't want Andrew Davis to work with Seagal on a new Under Siege movie.



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Well Chud has the story :

This is what Steven Seagal says:
"[This] will be the next 'cab off the rank,' so to speak [after "Genghis Khan"]. We're looking at options now for a story. We don't want to do a rehash of the first movie. He's been on a boat, he's been on a train... so now we have to put Casey Ryback in new surroundings. Andrew Davis, who directed the first film, will be back and promises it's going to be something pretty spectacular. All going to plan, Andy and I will be doing something before the end of the year. It will be nice to have something back in the theaters again."

Thanks to Glor316 for this link.

Also Belly Of The Beast has started production.

IMDB now has Andrew Davis as the executive producer of the next Superman movie that is in pre-production and due out in 2004 so that news dampens US3 even more.
Personally I dont think that US3 will ever be made. Most of the time its all just rumours and we have been hearing them for years now..


But what if it could ever be made?Once and pretty long ago I had a dream that there would be another Under Siege sequel so I thought maybe it was a prediction dream?
I wonder why Seagal would say US3 is going to be made if it isn't?He even goes as far as to say "it's going to be something pretty spectacular.All going to plan,Andy & I will be doing something by the end of the year".He either knows that US3 is in the pipeline 100%,or he(or the reporter)just made it up.Strange.


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It has come to the stage now that I think "Under Siege 3" will never be made. It has been stuck in development hell for over 8 years, throughout this whole time there has been nothing but speculation and false prophesies regarding story and director and it really is getting tiresome. No, this project has gone the way of "Predator 3" and "Die Hard 4" - other much mooted sequels which never got off the ground.

One of the real problems with the proposed project is that the Siege/Die Hard type films have been done to death already and scriptwriters are running out of new ways to give them a fresh spin. I mean look at the host of places these films and their imitators have been set already. We've had Die Hard in a bus - "Speed", in a sports venue - "Sudden Death", in a plane - "Passenger 57", "Executive Decision" & "Air Force One", in a city - "Die Hard With A Veagence", on a cruise liner - "Speed 2", on a battleship - "Under Siege", in an airport -"Die Hard 2", on a train - "Under Siege 2", etc etc, and thats only the ones I remember of!

I think it is only a good idea if a fresh scenario and good script is drummed up but this is a tall order given that originality is in scarce supply in Hollywood and even so I think Seagal has missed his chance to make it. The best time I think to have made it was directly after "Exit Wounds" when he made a brief come back at the box office. He has teamed up with a low budget studio since then and released a flop in "Half Past Dead" resulting in more straight to video releases, so unless he pulls something major out of the bag I think he's screwed as a box office crowd puller.

One project I would like to see him make however is "The Yakuza" update. I think with a good studio and moderate budget it has the potential to be good. The main role is tailor made for Seagal and contains loads of martial arts and sword fights and set in Japan as well. He is the only star I can think of with enough authenticity to take on such a role. Here's hoping this ones made.


Hi MMCK,The Yakuza will be a new Seagal project(perhaps his next film)and will be out through Warner Bros./Franchise pictures.