Seagal Will Train Daniel Cormier 2 Days Before His Fight Against Jon Jones


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In 2 days the arguable biggest MMA fight ever will take place when Jon Jones tries to defend his title against contender Daniel Cormier. A lot of people are looking forward to this great fight(including me).
On YouTube there´s a new video in which Cormier talks to Ariel Helwani about that Master Seagal will show him something that will work against Jon Jones.

Cormier said Seagal doesn´t like Jon Jones because he once didn´t show him the respect he deserved. Cormier said that Seagal is angry at Jones because of that and now it´s time for "Revenge":)

I don´t know how to put the link here but the video is on YouTube. It takes 35 minutes and the start to talk about Seagal on minute 31:18. Maybe someone can post it for me.

On YouTube-link: " UFC 182: Cormier brings in a secret weapon" (minute 31:18)


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I see, Steven continues his relationship with the UFC, it must be mutually lucrative for them both.

Unless anyone thinks this is "for real", you can be assured that it's just for marketing. UFC pays Steven to do a little training session for the cameras and then come to the fight.
They are all accomplished and talented fighters, and Cormier I'm sure has been preparing for this bout for months, there is nothing Seagal could teach him only two days before that could really help him.
They just do it to get publicity.

The same with Anderson Silva, who even kinda mocked Seagal in a video afterwards, they know the deal, they don't take it too seriously.

The same reason why they made a deal with CM Punk, a WWE wrestler who IMO is way too old and inexperienced to step into the MMA ring, but I digress, they want non-MMA fans to tune in or buy the PPV.

I guess these public appearances are due to the DTV movies getting fewer and smaller, and the paychecks must not be what they used to be, so he gets money from commercials and appearances instead.


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You have absolutely no proof that that is a publicity stunt. If it were why didn´t want to train Jon Jones with Seagal?
Jones didn´t want to train with Seagal because Seagal already trained Machida and Jones knew that he would fight Machida a couple of months later.

I´m wondering why the Seagal forum doesn´t answer on my thread because this means much more publicity for Seagal than his upcoming C-movies.

If an upcoming C-Movie is announced the entire forum here says....-yeah new film, yeah great.

But when Seagal is training such a great MMA fighter like Cormier in the MMA event of the year, the whole forum is quite.

Strange folks here.......-enthusiastic for C-movies but when Seagal really gets attention-no words here.


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I don't claim to be an expert in martial arts or mixed martial arts, but I am a fan and I follow the sport, especially UFC, and it is 100% for publicity.

They bring in celebrities all the time for the fights. Arnold Schwarzenegger was at one or two, and he sure as hell doesn't do appearances for free, he was paid to be there.

Just like Seagal is paid to appear at Putin's parties and events in Russia. I don't know if he really cares for him, or if it's just a gig for him. And he's not the only one. It's been proven that many celebrities were flat out hired to attend some party thrown by Vladimir Putin a few years back, and I'm talking big celebrities, I remember Kurt Russell being one of them.

Both Jones and Cormier are as pro as they come, they both have dedicated teams helping them in training and conditioning, they have both prepared and trained for this fight for months. Nobody can just waltz in a day before and teach them some magic ninja move to help them win the fight.

Seagal claimed after Silva won a fight that he taught him the front kick before the fight, which was just ridiculous. It was a simple front kick that any MA practitioner would know, especially Silva.

I don't know if UFC told him to say that, or if Seagal really thought he was actually responsible for it, but it became kind of a joke amongst MMA fans, the general public might buy it, but the hardcore fans and martial artists know the truth.


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Here´s the proof that Seagal is already in Las Vegas to give Daniel Cormier some last advices.
In the background is Daniel Cormier!


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Joe Dirt: The picture you posted is an old one. I´ve known the picture for 2 years now. The press said Seagal has met Cornier and posted that old photo.

The one one from yesterday is the one I posted.