Seagal's next 4 movies - similar plot lines?


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I was over browsing the action kings website and have noticed that the plots for Seagal's next 4 movies - "Belly Of The Beast", "Out For A Kill", "The Rescue" and "The Yakuza" all have strikingly similar plotlines of him trying to find missing girls/daughters of close friends. What I want to know is whether maybe at least two of these are not seperate projects but maybe alternative titles for a single project. I think that "The Rescue" is in fact "The Yakuza" remake but they are listed as seperate films and are both released by Franchise pictures for which Seagal is being paid $4 million dollars for.

I also see there is a small picture of a promo poster for "Belly Of The Beast" if no one has already seen it.

Check this out for yourselves at

One thing I will say for him is that he is not scarce of film projects for the next couple of years.


Amos Stevens

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Well until they're actually filmed & released-can't hold your breathe..been a lot of movies that he was suppose to have done & never did even start filming
I think IMDB, at least, has the plots for "Out For A Kill" and "The Yakuza" mixed up. One story line has it set in Mexico and his name is Travis Bidner and the other story line has it filmed in China with him going up agains the Chinese Mafia and he is called Robert Burns. The plot in China also contains a lot of martial arts and swordplay(which sounds similar to The Yakuza plotline).
Who knows what is going on-I guess we'll all find out when the films are released, either on dvd or the big screen(Various sources have them being released on dvd and others say the big screen). Right now, its anyone's guess but I guess we have to be happy that Seagal is making a lot of films as of late.
I think I'll believe that he is making Ghenghis Khan and US3 when he starts filming them(they have both been rumoured to him for years now)