Steven Seagal to attend "Dreamcatcher" Gala (Sold out charity event)


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Thought I should post this article; It is referring to a exclusive charity event ($3500 per table) that is sold out nonetheless, but at least he's getting out and we might get some reviews of his band. "This Thursday" I assume to be referring to Thursday 13th October.


Steven Seagal among stars attending Dreamcatcher gala

Hollywood tough guy Steven Seagal will be in town Thursday, bringing his band to serenade the seventh annual Dreamcatcher Foundation’s gala benefit and awards night at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Seagal, known for his pony tail as much as his mastery of Aikido martial arts, has released two blues-rock albums in recent years and tours regularly with his band Thunderbox.

Seagal will be one of several U.S. and Canadian celebrities attending the sold-out event. Others include Juno-winning singer and former Canadian Idol judge Sass Jordan, actor Gil Birmingham (Billy Black in the Twilight series), guitar virtuoso Stevie Salas (Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart), Juno-winning guitarist Derek Miller, Linsay Willier of Canada’s Next Top Model and legendary Motown rhythm section, The Funk Brothers.

The $3,500-per-table gala will be hosted by American actor Wes Studi (Avatar, The Last of the Mohicans) and Canadian singer Andrea Menard.

“People are coming from across Canada and the United States for this event,” said Dreamcatcher spokesperson Sara Awdish.

Dreamcatcher is a Six Nations-based charity that has given out $8 million in almost 6,000 grants to aboriginal community groups across the country. The foundation was formed by Grand River Enterprises, a multimillion dollar aboriginal-owned tobacco firm based in Ohsweken.

Five awards will be presented to individuals and groups for their work among Canadian aboriginal communities. This year’s award winners are: Six Nations Police (overall winner); Shirley Tyance of Geraldton, Ont. (arts and culture); Trina Goodin of Wetaskiwin, Alta. (sports); Nelson Daychief, Rocky Mountain, Alta. (education); and Corinne Mitchell of Vancouver (health).

When not filming his TV shows like True Justice or Steven Seagal Lawman, the 59-year-old Lansing, Mich., native tours as a singer-guitarist with Thunderbox.

Seagal, a Buddhist, is involved charitable groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as well as being active in Tibetan and native American issues.

“Steven Seagal has done a lot of work with First Nations,” Awdish explained. “He has been highly interested in the Dreamcatcher Foundation and the work it does to help the Aboriginal peoples. He has become close with Daniel Brant, the CEO of the foundation.”


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$3500 a table, we can all go...if the table can fit all 10 thousand something of us at it....

But seriously...when people ask my why I love Steven..THIS is a big part of the reason why...he is so giving


Boy for an moment there i thought the Aboriginal people of Australia may have got an mention..silly me:p yes i know what you mean Barbara iam with you he is one of an kind despite what others say ...:)


Dreamcatcher gala:



Oh iam sure some pics will show up sooner or later after this 'heart and soul' gala night .. we are starting to get things filtering through from other things..


Blimey talk about an eye full:) that chick could be classed as an deadly weapon with those boobs there but the focus is on Steven and i so dig that tie..:D