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Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do! I hope I find everything... Please note that I've decided to remove the performance schedule from this thread, as it is more than adequately listed in other threads on the subject.

Current as of May 29, 10:36 pm EST


January 1 - Memphis (source: alantennessee1)

January 22 - Steven attended NAMM (The International Music Products Association)
Anaheim Convention Center-California (source: the ever-so-wonderful Super Spy suziwong. Photograph is here)

February 13-15 - Las Vegas: Pollstar Concert Industry Awards at the Theatre At Mandalay Bay, as award presenter (source: suziwong)

February 26 - Bacchus Rendezvous, 6:30 PM at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans (Mardi Gras celebrations). The Steven Seagal Blues Band will be performing alongside Willie Nelson, Taylor Dayne, Confederate Railroad, CandleBox, Reckless Kelly, The Cate Brothers, Kip Attaway and George Michalski & Vince Welnick (of The Grateful Dead and the Tubes ). (source: suziwong)

February 27 - Steven Seagal will reign as this year's celebrity monarch for the Krewe of Orpheus, a lavish Carnival parade that Harry Connick Jr. founded.

Seagal will be the celebrity spokesman for Rebuilding Together, the nation's largest volunteer home rehabilitation group. Rebuilding Together has partnered with the Mardi Gras krewe to publicize the group's efforts to rebuild 1,000 Gulf Coast homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The 54-year-old actor will lead the 27-float parade on Feb. 27, or Lundi Gras. Mardi Gras is Feb. 28. (source: seagaljr).

March 4 - Attended Yari Film Group's "Crash" Academy Party at the Crustaceon Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. (source: suziwong)

March 17 - Memphis, for album cover shoot. (source: suziwong)

March 19 - Arrival in Paris, staying at Georges V Hotel. (source: suziwong)

March 21 - Attended a private party at the L'Etoile Club in Paris, France

March 23 - Paris, for promotion of new album "Mojo Priest". (source: suziwong)

April 6 - World Bank, 1818 71 Street NW, Washington, DC, 6:30-9:30 p.m. US Doctors for Africa Benefit Gala. (source: suziwong)


many thanks suzi.These pictures are known to me.I thought there are pictures of his family on vacation.This really would be terrific.
Kind greetings chrissy


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There are new pictures of Seagal after leaving Chow´s restaurant in Los Angeles. There are brand new and they are on Wireimage.com.

Unfortunately, I don´t know how to post them here.....


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here's a photo for everyone


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Seagal1969;195862 said:
Sorry, I made a mistake. The new pictures are on gettyimages.com

many thanks for the picture.And thanks you the Link.One must register himself there.Is it correct? didn't want this.Where still is there the pictures differently?This would please me very much.Why is he in L.A. again?Thought he still is in Costa Rica.
Kind greetings Chrissy


News from Joe about Stevens latest movie 'Dangerous Man' Steven has started his second week of filming and Joe hears all is good Joe is not directly involved in this one due to other commitments but Steven still has his regular crew of Binh Dang and Phil Goldfine handling the production..Joe said that they all speak daily and things are going well every one is happy with the director Keoni Waxman he is an pleasure to work with and has an great style..Joe was also kind enough to let us know the storyline ..below

Steven is an retired special forces soldier who is framed for murder..he sits in jail for six years and then is released when DNA proves his innocence ..the story opens as he's released and follows him through his struggles against chinese bad boys who he encounters when saving an girls life..

Joe is good to us isnt he... thanks Joe...and all the best Steven with this one..
Thanks Heather, Sounds Great...

Thanks for the News, Heather! That sounds like a great movie!!! Is't Steven in Canada, on a shoot, for This new movie? That's what I heard from a friend who knows Steven. (Because of my current situation I told you about, My best friend and Counselor is driving me to the beach out of town, for the day; SO I Can think and pray about everything.... I will bring my computer with me but don't know if I can get internet services on the beach..... This is very tough right now....VERY... I will explain more why, later in personal email.... But I am sure you understand from what I have told you already.....). Thanks for your prayers, Heather. I Love you my sister! Always remember that and keep up the good work in school and with your creative writting!!!

Love Always Your Sister Infinity,
Stacey :yin:


Just some more news from Joe ..he said that the reality show comes out in July and Driven To Kill in May and right know Steven is working on some music stuff(nothing he knows about) and Joe is working on several different shows ..We will probably do an other movie in July or August..wishes me and the rest of the gang here well ..


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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday September 1 2009. Action hero Steven Seagal heads for home after dining at West Hollywood's Koi restuarant.


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Thank you very much my daerest best friend Suziwong,the fotoshoots the are great
and i thank Chrissy to for the great clip on you tup thank thank you very much,you
are great friends .