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  • Congrats on the poetry contest win! Let me know what magazine and I'll see if I can get it down here when it comes out. :)

    We're looking at movie/TV rights for my first book at the moment. Just waiting to hear back from a producer in the USA.

    Next step is both killerbyte and terrorbyte being released globally in paperback form, currently they're in e-book format. Which is good as they're available everywhere and on iPhone, iPod, some phones, as well as e-readers and laptop and computers.

    Have never written a movie script from a short story - I have turned a short story into a 45 minute radio play for the BBC though. - was hard work!!


    Cat x
    I have found the house that Seagal rented during the taping of his show "Lawman" it's located in Metairie on West Livingston Place. Took a little while but I was able to locate. He lives in Lafitte on Jean Lafitte Blvd. Let's post it on all the star maps so all will know where their favorite actor lives! :)
    When you reach for your dreams and never give up, regardless of circumstances in your life, You can achieve anything! Dreams Do Still Come True! May you all find your destined pathway in life, persuing your dreams with all your heart...May you always reach each destination level of Growth and Maturity! Love Always, Stacey
    Thank you for your nice note. I agree they need to be left alone when not in public. I was only asking so Ty can see the house. I would never ever go up to the door and ask for a picture or autograph. I'm not that stupid. Hope you had a great week. Talk to ya soon!
    PS, I STRONGLY Believe Steven and His Family Deserve To have some PRIVACY! He Can't be a PUBLIC Figure All the Time Everywhere He is and Goes... Everyone deserves a break and privacy..... We, as fans Owe it to Him and His family if We TRUELY Love and Care about them!!! Actions Speak Louder than words... Only go or try to meet him, in Public places, when fan appearances are scheduled!!!! That is my Suggestion, in a Loving Way, out of Respect for Steven and His Family! Love Your Friend, Stacey Denise Cox-CountryEagle
    Sorry but I will not say. I hope you enjoy your trip to NOLA. Are yall going for the Mardi Grass Parades? Be safe and Hope yall have fun! IF He Allows people to visit or drive by his house, contact the Visiters Bureau or call the Chamber of Commerce, in NOLA or Jefferson Parish, to as them the location.... That is the only suggestion I can offer you. Again, I do hope yall have fun and have a safe trip.

    Love Your Friend,
    Hello! Thanks for your message. I was just wondering because I'm taking a trip down there and my girlfriend Ty is a huge fan of his as well and wanted to see favorite movie star house. I was told he lives in Metairie. Is that right? Thank you! Randy-
    How's everything with you? I know it's been a tough week for you, just thought I'd check in
    Take it easy Stacey. Thinking of you, and I'm sure all your good friends here are as well.
    hi girl iam watching balde 2 tell you he looks hot that wesley snipes ..steven has his work cut out for him ..
    Good thanks, Stacey. It's Friday evening here and I just finished watching King Kong on Blu ray. Not normally a fan of remakes but it was really well done. I don't have plans for the weekend other than sleeping lots in the morning! How are you holding up?
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