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Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do! I hope I find everything... Please note that I've decided to remove the performance schedule from this thread, as it is more than adequately listed in other threads on the subject.

Current as of May 29, 10:36 pm EST


January 1 - Memphis (source: alantennessee1)

January 22 - Steven attended NAMM (The International Music Products Association)
Anaheim Convention Center-California (source: the ever-so-wonderful Super Spy suziwong. Photograph is here)

February 13-15 - Las Vegas: Pollstar Concert Industry Awards at the Theatre At Mandalay Bay, as award presenter (source: suziwong)

February 26 - Bacchus Rendezvous, 6:30 PM at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans (Mardi Gras celebrations). The Steven Seagal Blues Band will be performing alongside Willie Nelson, Taylor Dayne, Confederate Railroad, CandleBox, Reckless Kelly, The Cate Brothers, Kip Attaway and George Michalski & Vince Welnick (of The Grateful Dead and the Tubes ). (source: suziwong)

February 27 - Steven Seagal will reign as this year's celebrity monarch for the Krewe of Orpheus, a lavish Carnival parade that Harry Connick Jr. founded.

Seagal will be the celebrity spokesman for Rebuilding Together, the nation's largest volunteer home rehabilitation group. Rebuilding Together has partnered with the Mardi Gras krewe to publicize the group's efforts to rebuild 1,000 Gulf Coast homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The 54-year-old actor will lead the 27-float parade on Feb. 27, or Lundi Gras. Mardi Gras is Feb. 28. (source: seagaljr).

March 4 - Attended Yari Film Group's "Crash" Academy Party at the Crustaceon Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. (source: suziwong)

March 17 - Memphis, for album cover shoot. (source: suziwong)

March 19 - Arrival in Paris, staying at Georges V Hotel. (source: suziwong)

March 21 - Attended a private party at the L'Etoile Club in Paris, France

March 23 - Paris, for promotion of new album "Mojo Priest". (source: suziwong)

April 6 - World Bank, 1818 71 Street NW, Washington, DC, 6:30-9:30 p.m. US Doctors for Africa Benefit Gala. (source: suziwong)


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i recieved this email to my questions

Hey Stef,
First off i don't think anyone was banned from the site/chat that day.
The chat room has technical issues and does have a problem with booting people but it is just an issue with the server and people's computers. Some get booted more than others and some more often than others. It also freezes up for some and lags bad especially when many people are on the whole starbuz sites thing. Whether it gets rectified is out of my hands, that is the Stipko's problem.
The statement made by bhs was not that big of a deal, although yes, for security reasons, Mr.Seagal prefers that information to not be released or spread about. But trust me, he knows that it does leak in news and such. I am pretty sure the chat room server just refreshed and some got ousted thats it. I saw a couple people outted and reentering and they were't even talking so it was not a Kick Out okay.
bhs is more than welcome to contact me to see if i can help get him/her in the chat, it may have something to do with cookies or the browser but i can assure you nobody was banned from chat or the site due to any of the chat sessions okay
Secondly, i honestly only think a minimal amount of vulgar jerks have been banned, but Aaron lets the boards ride and the fans do what they can to keep things civil. If an individual goes too far with insults and posting of something vile then yes banning is in order. Other than that whatever posts are reported are peeped at and a decision is made to delete it or leave it depending on what the complaints are and what the post concerns.

All opinions are allowed on the site of course within reason, a person can post any view they'd like HOWEVER, yes it should be thought out before they post - such as will this deeply offend fellow fans, will this deeply offend Mr.Seagal if he reads this etc. There are plenty of ways to write what's on your mind without being too overly negative and insulting, it is just how you choose to portray your message. We at the Official Site want to keep the boards clean and worry free as well as supportive to Mr.Seagal, positive, polite, and respectful and yes, even jokingly entertaining at times but it is all in fun only.. However, we all know there will be times that less than respectful people will come in and disrupt the peace. We will go with the flow is all.

Please note that nobody from the Unofficial Site should feel that they will be banned for becoming part of the Officiial site group so all fears of that should be laid to rest. Voicing is allowed but please just be respectful, short, and to the point. These sites are for the fans and the fans basically run them to an extent with regards to rebutles. Anything that is too way out there and is either noticed by Stipko (Aaron) or is reported by fellow fans and if deemed to be a legitamate beef then yes it gets looked at and a decision is made. Other than that, like i said, it gets let to flow - as it should. Nobody is better than anyone, just different.

Finally, I would just like to add that yes, I do agree that Mr.Seagal is not into the whole chat thing and everyone needs to not take that personally. It is ultimately his choice in the matter and yes, when the site was being built Aaron pushed him to try it.
The decision to do meet and greets while on tour was made by Steven so that he could meet any fans that wanted to meet him, say hi, get an autograph etc. I would like to remind everyone that he did not have to do that it was his choice and yes, at times, it is trying on him due to being tired or not feeling well but he sucks it up and allows all in line to meet him. It is more one on one even if only for a moment but that is how he decided to handle the whole interact with fans thing. Maybe in the future things will change but til then just know he does appreciate his fans but his businesses, personal responsibilites, and obligations take up much of each day so some understanding and respect for that has to be granted by each and everyone. He is human and only one person on this planet, yes he is an inspiration in many ways and at many levels but too just remember he puts his pants on pretty much the same way as all of us each day. Movies are his career, martial arts, charity work, and music are his passions. Let the man enjoy what little free time he gets and allow him the right to spend that free time in the manner he wants or needs to.

hey it's all good
take care and let me know if i can help any further


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Breking News: Steven Seagal at St. Tropez - France

My Dearest Friend TD,

Steven Seagal on vacation in Saint Tropez , FRANCE
12 Aug, 2006

For your information



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Die Hard Seagal fan!
Thank you very very much Suzi, for this GREAT information and the pictures, it's a good idea from him to go on vacation, because he NEEDS it, we all know that...

Thank you very much Suzi, you made me happy with this data!!!

Take care

greets take-sensei


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More photos from his vacation..


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Another photos


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Thanks Suzi..whos been an busy girl eh?..notice some chick is trying to keep up with him...in an couple of those pics like the first one at the bottom right that shirt is just an wee bit tight i think or its shrunk thats what it is...thanks again girl ..


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More photos.. Steven Seagal at St.Tropez port...



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starmaiden said:
but Suzi, till when Steven will be in Frans? and what is his next step?
thanks in advance

I don't know yet but I am following him !!! :D



Suzi have you received any more follow up pics of Steven on his vacation?..If an girl dont ask an girl dont get...Thanks.


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Steven Seagal at Paris !!

Steven Seagal leaving Hotel Crillon, Paris !!

September 1, 2006

PS: I know small but you know photo is a photo



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