Steven's Current Location


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No offense. All claims to the on-line translator Personally I study language about 7 years by Irwin Show, Raymond Chandler, etc. books and have experience in communication. We're not in Hollywood, and are not obliged to please everybody.

Now see that was very well written :) Just try harder and you can do it ;)


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Oopss that didnt work ..last photo of Steven is one of the best i have seen he looks his age and he is still very cool ...all the best Steven ....;)also that photo above where he is blowing into what is that? please and thanks


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Seems he is having fun! Good to see him smile!
(can't watch the video yet because I am at work ;))


So, an interesting note from the interview is that he will be filming a new movie in Alabama, starting in August, called "Foreign and Domestic". Can we get any further information on this movie, like who will be directing and the plot?


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Yeah, I read about that Foreign and Domestic movie on Vern's site, I think an editor who frequently works on Seagal's movies mentioned the movie during the recent Seagal movie event in Los angeles.
The one who called Steven on stage and let him say a few words to the audience.


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07/10/2014 Hondarribia Blues Festival
La Benta Parking La Benta 20280 ,Spain
Steven will offer Thursday, at 19:00 meet a greet and in the cafeteria the hotel river bidasoa where people will be able to meet him and ask questions.

Hope he also does this in Holland next week.