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New movies being released in 2006:

(formerly: HARVESTER)

As of September 23, 2006

February 2 - Dutch release, rental, for CLEMENTINE. (source: DiDa,

February 14 - Dutch release, rental, for BLACK DAWN (source: DiDa,

February 14 - Spanish release of BLACK DAWN with this title:"Golpe al amanecer". Details are here (source: foucellas)

March 1 - Danish release of BLACK DAWN (source: bhs)

March 3 - Dutch (sales) release of:
(source: Bas Brem,

March 14 - Polish release of BLACK DAWN (source: slawek_wozniak)

March 22 - UK release date BLACK DAWN. It can be pre-ordered on, or (source: marky96)

March 22 - Australian DVD release of BLACK DAWN. Features are the same as the US disc. (source: gunslinger)

April 26 - U.S. DVD release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (previous title: MERCENARY). (source: mason, from

April - ENEMY OF THE UNSEEN begins shooting in Bucharest, Romania (source: suziwong)

June 6 - U.S. DVD release of SHADOWMAN (note: previously entitled "Shadows of the Past") (source: shirlgirl)

June 30 - Belgium and Luxembourg release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: DIDA)

July - PRINCE OF PISTOLS shooting postponed (source: suziwong) until 2007

July 14 - Polish release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: anoli)

July 19 - Australian sale(?)/rental release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: gunslinger)

July 21 - Theatrical release of BLACK DAWN in Italy (source: Craig Robertson, from Lucio)

July 24 - UK release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: Craig Robertson)

August 15 - Netherlands rental release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: DiDa)

August 21 - UK DVD release of SHADOWMAN (source: msmith)

October 3 - Dutch rental release of SHADOW MAN (source: DiDa)

October 10 - Dutch sale release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: DiDa)

October 25 - Australian sale/rental release of SHADOW MAN (source: gunslinger)

October 30 - UK release of SHADOW MAN (source: Craig Robertson)

December 5 - U.S. release of ATTACK FORCE (formerly: HARVESTER) (source: Bobby_Lupo, via the SONY website)


More information about movies being released or upcoming
PRINCE OF PISTOLS - plot details coming soon. Note: Prince of Pistols was supposed to begin shooting March 14, but it was pushed back (see schedule above for newest start date). As of July: Prince of Pistols was supposed to start filming in July, but has been again postponed.

ENEMY OF THE UNSEEN - Was filmed in Romania in the month of April, 2006. Film either a remake or based on BLACK THUNDER (written by WC Martell, originally, but who was not credited as writer). (source: Bill Martell)

**Previous titles: Shadows of the Past (as of July 27, 2005), Shadows on the Sun - (source: Serena)

July 27 - September 30, 2005, filmed in Romania

Director: Michael Keusch
DOP : Geoffrey Hall.
Production Designer Corvin Cristian.
Starring: Steven Seagal.
Written by: Joe Halpin


BLACK DAWN - Produced by Sony/ScreenGems Productions

Plot: He's playing a former CIA operative who has been framed for killing so many fellow agents, he's become the object of a shoot-on-sight directive. And as if that weren't enough to keep him busy, he's happened onto a deal between Colombian arms dealers and Middle Eastern terrorists who want plutonium for a suitcase bomb to blow L.A. to smithereens.


WRITER: Steve Collins.
PRODUCERS: Randall Emmett and George Furla.

BUDGET: $20 million (USA) (note: above it says the budget was only $15 million)
Other titles for this film: Repentance, Mercenary

Plot: When you're a mercenary, there's always going to be casualties, but no job is too treacherous for soldier of fortune John Seeger, who's blackmailed into orchestrating an impossible prison break, leading a team of heavily-armed soldiers on a deadly mission to South Africa to rescue the son of a billionaire arms dealer. But, when Seeger finds out he's been double-crossed, it's payback time, and now, there's going to be hell to pay!



Filmed in Romania, November/December 2005

WRITER: Joe Halpin
STARRING: Steven Seagal

Plot synopsis: ...



No further information has been found about whether THE ONION MOVIE was ever released, either in limited theatrical release or on dvd.

Note: "dtv" means direct to video/dvd


Steven SEAGAL will start to shoot his new movie : A Higher form of Learning, the 24th of September in Vancouver, directed by Jeff KING.

Good news !!!

PS : I already posted this news but was deleted, I don't know why...


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Clarksdale MS

Maybe a future movie to included Steven if he's interested.

As a out of work blues musician, comes to the aide of the local blues club owner..when that owner suddenly inherits a large cotton plantation. The inherited offers Steven a job in how to plant cotton and play the blues at night, with a huge ensemble of musical old timer friends who how to plant cotton - very well. But, come to assist their friend - movie will be void of any violence, but will be a musical with some comedy.

Script is being written as we speak so best have Steven start writing some plots and of course he's probably knows of some great locations with scenic views etc... of the Delta & hill country.


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Clarksdale MS - part 2

Movie will be made on a shoe string budget, but so as to be accommodating to everyone.

Ever been to "Ground Zero" in the winter time, I'll bet every time the door opens it lets in a mighty blast of cold air.

I know a great way to seal off the front door area and temporarily enclose the front area - so as to keep the open air couches available for use. Even in the dead of winter. Thus being able to take it all down when the weather warms up. I'd hope to think they've already got a system in place for that - over the years.


keep up the great work l love all your movies , but can you tell which ones from the up comming move are released in canada as can not find some of them


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I really love you and I love to watch all your movies but I would like a list of all your movies that are out and the ones that are coming out.
could you e-mail me a picture of yourself.
Thank you.


Hi marywebb welcome girl just to let you know that he doesnt do that send his pictures to his fans if that was the case i like all the other fans would have asked years ago but dont be too dismayed if you go into the gallery you will be able to see all his pics from his music, movies, martial arts, general for his movies go to the 'forum' on the front page and then go to 'movies' and theres also 'movie reviews' that will bring you up to date some what enjoy your self ..


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I found this photo yesterday. The girl is from Romania, and she won a role in a 2008 film with Steven.Unfortunatelly, they don't mention the title of the film.


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very intersting Clarissa, I never heard of her..or even seen her before..hmmmm, how comes!
Still thank u for sharing the pic Clarissa


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My granddaughter made aher second movie with him this year called THE LAST NIGHT and it was filmed in Bucharist, Romania as was the last one she was in with him. Hope this helped??


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starmaiden;183367 said:
very intersting Clarissa, I never heard of her..or even seen her before..hmmmm, how comes!
Still thank u for sharing the pic Clarissa

Neither do I.As far as I know, she is very young. She is from Iasi, and she won a Miss contest somewhere. Her acting career is at the beginning.
recently saw pistol whipped and loved it! it's good to see steven getting back to his old roots.A great supporting cast as well which enhanced steven's great acting. can't wait for killing point.