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New movies being released in 2006:

(formerly: HARVESTER)

As of September 23, 2006

February 2 - Dutch release, rental, for CLEMENTINE. (source: DiDa,

February 14 - Dutch release, rental, for BLACK DAWN (source: DiDa,

February 14 - Spanish release of BLACK DAWN with this title:"Golpe al amanecer". Details are here (source: foucellas)

March 1 - Danish release of BLACK DAWN (source: bhs)

March 3 - Dutch (sales) release of:
(source: Bas Brem,

March 14 - Polish release of BLACK DAWN (source: slawek_wozniak)

March 22 - UK release date BLACK DAWN. It can be pre-ordered on, or (source: marky96)

March 22 - Australian DVD release of BLACK DAWN. Features are the same as the US disc. (source: gunslinger)

April 26 - U.S. DVD release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (previous title: MERCENARY). (source: mason, from

April - ENEMY OF THE UNSEEN begins shooting in Bucharest, Romania (source: suziwong)

June 6 - U.S. DVD release of SHADOWMAN (note: previously entitled "Shadows of the Past") (source: shirlgirl)

June 30 - Belgium and Luxembourg release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: DIDA)

July - PRINCE OF PISTOLS shooting postponed (source: suziwong) until 2007

July 14 - Polish release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: anoli)

July 19 - Australian sale(?)/rental release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: gunslinger)

July 21 - Theatrical release of BLACK DAWN in Italy (source: Craig Robertson, from Lucio)

July 24 - UK release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: Craig Robertson)

August 15 - Netherlands rental release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: DiDa)

August 21 - UK DVD release of SHADOWMAN (source: msmith)

October 3 - Dutch rental release of SHADOW MAN (source: DiDa)

October 10 - Dutch sale release of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (source: DiDa)

October 25 - Australian sale/rental release of SHADOW MAN (source: gunslinger)

October 30 - UK release of SHADOW MAN (source: Craig Robertson)

December 5 - U.S. release of ATTACK FORCE (formerly: HARVESTER) (source: Bobby_Lupo, via the SONY website)


More information about movies being released or upcoming
PRINCE OF PISTOLS - plot details coming soon. Note: Prince of Pistols was supposed to begin shooting March 14, but it was pushed back (see schedule above for newest start date). As of July: Prince of Pistols was supposed to start filming in July, but has been again postponed.

ENEMY OF THE UNSEEN - Was filmed in Romania in the month of April, 2006. Film either a remake or based on BLACK THUNDER (written by WC Martell, originally, but who was not credited as writer). (source: Bill Martell)

**Previous titles: Shadows of the Past (as of July 27, 2005), Shadows on the Sun - (source: Serena)

July 27 - September 30, 2005, filmed in Romania

Director: Michael Keusch
DOP : Geoffrey Hall.
Production Designer Corvin Cristian.
Starring: Steven Seagal.
Written by: Joe Halpin


BLACK DAWN - Produced by Sony/ScreenGems Productions

Plot: He's playing a former CIA operative who has been framed for killing so many fellow agents, he's become the object of a shoot-on-sight directive. And as if that weren't enough to keep him busy, he's happened onto a deal between Colombian arms dealers and Middle Eastern terrorists who want plutonium for a suitcase bomb to blow L.A. to smithereens.


WRITER: Steve Collins.
PRODUCERS: Randall Emmett and George Furla.

BUDGET: $20 million (USA) (note: above it says the budget was only $15 million)
Other titles for this film: Repentance, Mercenary

Plot: When you're a mercenary, there's always going to be casualties, but no job is too treacherous for soldier of fortune John Seeger, who's blackmailed into orchestrating an impossible prison break, leading a team of heavily-armed soldiers on a deadly mission to South Africa to rescue the son of a billionaire arms dealer. But, when Seeger finds out he's been double-crossed, it's payback time, and now, there's going to be hell to pay!



Filmed in Romania, November/December 2005

WRITER: Joe Halpin
STARRING: Steven Seagal

Plot synopsis: ...



No further information has been found about whether THE ONION MOVIE was ever released, either in limited theatrical release or on dvd.

Note: "dtv" means direct to video/dvd


Smile dammit!
All these negative ****s who post here should vacate to the Britney site! We know Seagal is on the back end of his career,but he defined action....


Die Hard Seagal fan!
I have seen the Custom Trailer of MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE on this website and I like kinda movies like this, a few shooting scenes and fighting scenes, especialy I like the fighting scenes I like too see Steven Seagal's Aikido and Karate ;)


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My Dearest Friend TD,

I am not sure its another movie or not it can be "Enemy of the Unseen" but please put a note

all my love


Shadow Man announced for DVD
March 27, 2006
Steven Seagal (Black Dawn, Under Siege), Garrick Hagon (Second in Command, Spy Game), Skye Bennett (Shadows of the Past) and Eva Pope (Splinter, TV’s “Bad Girls”) star in "Shadow Man," set for a bare bones direct-to-DVD release by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on June 6. As per the norm, expect Seagal to throw more punches than words in one unbeatable odds fight after another. Of the top of my head I can't remember his last movie released in theaters. Can you? If so, let us know in the TMR Forums.

"Shadow Man" will carry an SRP of $24.96. For the full movie synopsis, click through to the DVD details below.

bwana-beast said:
Just saw in a video business trade magazine that Sony is showing a 6/6 release for a film titled SHADOW MAN. Brief description noted - "Thriller: Steven Seagal stars as an ex-intelligence officer unknowingly trafficking a lethal virus out of the U.S. in this DVD premiere". No DVD extras noted. This may be a retitling of SHADOWS OF THE PAST.


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Thanks for the movie list I didn't know he had this out all at once I don't know how I missed them:rolleyes: I just seen one the other day I didn't know it was out I must be slipping;)


Still havent seen black dawn yet i have it just havent had the time but i will see it over easter...of course iam going to have an few girls around to watch it too ..i might turn it into an seagal Submerged, Today you die, Into the sun, Black dawn...he is one guy i would never get tired of watching..


Will there be any photos available soon from the set of "enemy of the unseen"?...I know it has just started being made but if you dont ask you dont get....


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TD >
Today You Die - UK release 10th July 2006 - Source
Mercenary For Justice - UK release 17th July 2006 - Source


It's about time Today You Die was released in the UK.

I wonder if we'll get the barebones release or one similar to the German one with the making of featurette.

It would also be nice to see if we'll get the featurette with Mercenary for Justice just like the R1 release.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have the Australian rights to MFJ. They will be releasing the flick on July 17th. The movie has been rated MA15+ for Strong Violence and will feature bonus trailers and a making of as special features.


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TDWoj said:
Thanks for the information, I'll be updating the list shortly.

Finallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly you came back !!!!!! :)

Welcome back my dearest friend


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Shadow Man (2006) has a UK release date of 21st August 2006. Seems like the UK is finally catching up with US releases.


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Bad news for me: the releasedate for Mercenary For Justice has changed here in Holland. I'll have to wait longer. It will not be June 30th, but August 31


If your realease date has been changed i bet us aussies will have to wait abit longer surposed to be July ...