The Beatles or The Stones?


Wacky on the Junk
I know this has been asked countless times before...but which band do you like better? What's your favorite song and/or album by the one you prefer?
Add why if you're so inclined....

I like both. My favorite Beatles album: Rubber Soul. I kind of call the Revolver/Rubber Soul era their "middle period" where they are kind of getting out of the pop stuff, and before they get psychadellic.

I don't really have a favorite Rolling Stones album, but I love the song "Beast of Burden." My ex-boyfriend used to do a little dance to it.


The Rolling Stones are my fav over the Beatles! My people listened more to the Stones than the Beatles! My favorite album would have been Some Girls-think that is the name! I remember Beast Of Burden well, good choice!

Not saying that the Beatles did not put out some great music,, just different strokes for different folks!


Smile dammit!
The Stones are popular choice but Jagger's lips never did it..
Beatles broke the US bigger,the acid test. But Lennon was a scouse git!


Iam an Beatles favourite song is "Yellow Submarine"..the Stones never really shook me...

Heather have you heard Paperback Writer, you being a writer, I would think you would like!!! I don't know how popular it was but I like it alot!


Though I do like a lot of the Stones' music, it's the Beatles (especially their earlier music) for me a by a landslide.

Even if Lennon was a "scouse git". :D


Sorry yes i have heard of that one Lollipop ..i just had the life scared out of me..but hey iam tough..I liked that song of John Lennon's about his son..(Sean)..