The Tip of The Spear

Bklyn Bryan

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Has anybody heard any news about this new Seagal movie? IMDb has Keoni Waxman as director!!!
The movie is listed as being in pre-production. Let's go Seagal. One more ACTION movie!!

"A Border Patrol Agent and his team take on the deadly Arizona deserts filled with cartel and narcos to undercover the truth behind the mutilation of an American woman".



Fairly certain this project has been floating around for a while (especially on IMDb at least), but nothing has ever happened to it. Also, from what I can see Waxman is only listed as a writer...?


Undersiege 3 is in the making but I don't know if steven seagal is going to star innit
There's an Under Siege reboot in the works, not a third sequel. Amusingly IMDb still lists an Above the Law 2 which, lets be honest with ourselves, will never happen with Seagal involved (unless Warner decides to get rid of the rights).