Tick Tock Death O'clock?

lee nicholson

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Not sure if this is a joke entry in IMDB, but they have 'TICK TOCK DEATH O'CLOCK' listed as 'In Development' (mind you it's stated as a 2021 release)
Anyone heard anything?


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Nope, this the first i hear of it.

Looking at the release in 2021 i don't think it is a real project.



Interesting, Lee. When you click the "View company contact information", it lists the Director, Producer, and Writer as Sammy Moon. When I googled him, nothing really shows up. Under "Cast", the only name is Seagal. I noticed under Details it says "Optioned". Does anyone know what that means? And under Country it says United Kingdom.

An early find or just a fake? Worth noting, anyway.
If it disappears after a while, I guess we'll know.

And it IS a cool title. :D


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Seems absolute fake. Not only the date, but since IF you are an IMDB member, you can create pages on your own. Although illegal, it is possible with all necessary knowlegde you can provide a full-linked "official" looking page.