i don't now what to think about that

Under Seige 3: Ain't it Cool News is reporting that Steven Seagal is in Luxembourg filming something called "Unleashed" but says next up he's doing another "Under Siege" [god help us]. It's apparently taken so long because he "likes playing different characters" and hadn't felt the need to revisit Casey Ryback until now. And full of surprises he says the idea they have for this one is to have Ryback and daughter's hot air balloon ride interrupted to terrorists who take over a fellow balloon. Couldn't sound any better to me - of course, I'm looking at it from a comedic standpoint.



justice808 said:
This was just a joke Seagal told the Radio presenter.:DThis will def. not be the plot for US3.

ok thanks but i have seen i clip from senei and they ask i hi wil make undersiege 3 and he said no


I Belong To Steven
Definately think he was playing around, the balloon idea is silly...
If he said no, that's too bad, I think I would like to see US3...
However, I like everything he does...
I watched Ticker again lastnight and found it much better than the other times, too...
He's just great, charming, charming, charming...:D