What Is The Fans On This Board's Opinion Of "Exit Wounds".


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I noticed this from reading posts here and on the the official website's message board that his fans are really split on his comeback movie "Exit Wounds". Someones dislike it because of the emphasis on wires used in the fight scenes, others enjoy it for what it is. I personally liked it and thought that it was his best movie since "Under Siege", and being produced by Joel Silver, it at least had some decent production values, something his recent films have noticibly lacked. I did'nt mind the use of wires and actually thought they addeda coolness to the film especially during the fight with the car-jackers and also because the director at least had an idea how to film fight scenes and did'nt resort to the speeding up tricks that have been used in some of his other latter day films. I also thought there was a very strong supporting cast (Isiah Washington, old action movie veteran, Bill Duke), just the right amount of comedy and an impressive co-star in DMX. Also having lost 30lbs, Seagal himself looked well and did the action scenes convincingly. Says a lot about the movie when Tom Arnold can't even ruin it!

What did the rest of you think of it?



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I think it's great! (Oh what a comeback!) It's my favorite of his movies with the exception of Fire Down Below, and I watch it all the time, in fact watched the video just last night...There is just something about Steven's character that is sooo charming, and he of course looks fabulous...I liked the fight scene in the bar, it was very exciting, as well as him on the motorcycle and jumping over that car, wow that was really something...I thought the uniform was a nice effect too...lol, guys don't laugh, after all this is a movie review from a woman's point of view....:D


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Like Ive said before if Steven was my local police officer Id be getting arrested all the time. Hey I can dream cant I? I love Exit Wounds.
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Exit Wounds was the first Seagal movie I got to see on a big screen so it was such a rush to me.I do like Exit Wounds and what I like about it the most is that it has Steven Seagal in it!!!He looks gorgeous in the uniform!


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Originally posted by katrina102457
Yes Lotus, the uniform scene is very sexy! I loved Exit Wounds.....Just got back from Oklahoma! :cool:

Love Kat

He was sexy all scenes !! I like this movie !! He was Awesome !!

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I liked it very much also, and TOTATLY agree he was so
gorgeous in that uniform, I could look at it all day. Also, his
walk away from the scene, you could just feel how fed up
he was with taking such a demeaning job, for such a good cop.



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I think Exit Wounds was the very movie that made me fall so hard for that man...Course Fire Down Below really got me going...He sure is sexxxy...:D

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Actually I think that most of the ladies on this board would love Seagal in a movie even if he didn't say one word..right?


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He is easy on the eyes that's for sure....:D
Hey Kat US2 is on Cinemax tonight...I missed it the first go round because my dad is watching basketball...:mad: But I am going to watch it in about an hour...:D