Whats this???


Well whats new i heard that Steven's latest wife Elle is done with his womanising ways and given him the flick ..and he is already looking for another wife or two hell he is Steven Seagal he can have as many as he wants ...wouldnt be the first man in history to have more then one wife ...i too was shocked in an way to hear this BUT it will teach him to look outside the box ..i mean life is like an box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get??? ..he need not look any further then here there are plenty of lovely ladies here ..speaking of like Barbara whom sent me an lovely key ring amongst other things such an kind hearted person on the back of the key ring reads

Mrs. Steven.Seagal. clever isnt she ... i dont think Steven ever will be happy he may say and think he is but we will see... iam soooo in shock ...:eek::eek: i bet he is too..:)