Wing Tsun instructor Education.


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Okay so i have taken up the Wing Tsun instructor Education In Denmark :);) .. but I’m definitely not satisfied with how the dojo is handling the process ..

1... the class always start 10 - 20 minutes later than schedueld ..

2.. Sifu left the class 20 before we were schedueld to stop because he had to go to “work” :rolleyes::rolleyes: If running an dojo (specially an instructors Education) is not work what is ?? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

3... students who are not even In that class gets to train there anyway ..

4.. Students show up late to class and are not even told to be on time ..

5.. Students are leaving class to either go outside and smoke cigarets or to check parking meters and what not ...

6.. Sifu leaves class to go and make an phone call :rolleyes::rolleyes: This happens often from what i remember :rolleyes::rolleyes: ..

7.. They canceled the remaining 2 hours of class at Thursday afternoon because the instructor couldn’t make it to summercamp If he didn’t left early :rolleyes::rolleyes: ..

all these things is very big lack of desciplin and respect for us students In my opinion, and it is very frustrating. Specially when the monthly fee for the instructor Education is extreamly high compared to the fee for the ordenary classes ..
I have decieded to talk to my Sifu either tomorrow or monday and tell him that I’m leaving the dojo and why ...

I will keep you dudes and dudeds updated :);) ..