Worthy websites for others.


Hello ladies and gentleman, hope my message finds everyone happy, healthy and in a positive state of mind.
I think it would be a good idea for us to share websites/website addresses with fellow members here on things/topics that may be of interest to fellow members.
So, just to start I will post a couple addresses below.
Take care of yourselves everybody and God Bless.


Hope you like these and find them useful.


Good thread, Mr.Rooster! I do have a few I use often. I'll gather those together tomorrow and post them, as well as look over the ones you have here. Thanks. :)


Here are a few websites I utilize regularly. I'm big on research and looking up things. Google is THE internet god, as far as I'm concerned. :D And the one people are probably most familiar with. But here's another good search engine that's relatively new--just a few months old. It's part of the Amazon conglomerate.


Here's a medical one that I've introduced a lot of people to. It's very well organized. There are alphabetical listings of medications, all their precautions, indications, and side effects, as well as a "Conditions Center", and a section for medical tests. It's one of the best written sites for non-medical personnel I've come across and I highly recommend it for basic information.


Did you know that there are free encyclopedias online? One of the world's best, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, is one of them. A wealth of information on any subject in the word, easily able to find and understand.


These are a few off the top of my head. I'll add more as I think of them. :)


Thank you Serena very much for adding some addresses here. This can be a very interesting thread if everyone would pitch in.
Again, Thank you.


My pleasure, Mr.Rooster. :) I think this thread has the potential to be quite useful and helpful to everyone, with more contributions.

As many of you here know, I've been fortunate enough to have done an extensive amount of traveling over the last few years to many different countries. I've learned a lot and have become quite good at booking my own trips, including cruises and tours to other countries.

After comparing scores of trips with travel agents in my area, the travel specials in the Sunday newspaper, and online travel sites, I have found that no one has been able to beat the prices I've been able to get from these three major online travel sites. Now, these are for organized tours, individual tours, cruises, and/or a combination of flights, hotels, and/or rental cars.

Even if you're just looking for airfare alone, check these out and compare them to the individual online airlines. Sometimes you do find a better deal just for airfare at the online airline's site.

Did you know you can also get your boarding pass online at many online airline websites? Anywhere from 24-36 hours in advance for some. You log in and follow the directions. It will guide you to print out your receipt, then issue you a boarding pass and even let you select your seat. When you get to the airport, you completely skip all the lines, go right to the security area, and present the two documents you printed out. This is especially helpful if you're not checking any luggage. But even if you are, many airports around the country let you check your bags at the curb and/or the connecting parking terminal, so you can proceed directly to the security area once inside.

These are the three major ones I have dealt with over the last few years. I stick with these as I've never had a problem with them, and even when I had to cancel a couple of trips due to family emergencies, I had no problems getting a refund.

I hope some of you will find this useful for yourselves or family members. I've become the unoffical travel agent in the family. :D





Also new for Google: Google Video and Local Google. Local Google is great, giving the locations, phone numbers and maps. I've used online yellow pages for a long time, and this is even easier to use.



January 25, 2005: Search company Google Inc. is bringing television content to users via its video search engine, Google Video, which was launched today.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has indexed video and complete transcripts of thousands of TV shows, which users will be able to search using the service. A search for a phrase will return an excerpt of a matching program transcript and a still TV image of exactly when the phrase was spoken, said John Piscitello, a product manager at Google.

Users will be able to search transcripts and view related TV images from content providers including the Public Broadcasting Service, the National Basketball Association, Fox News Networks LLC and C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network), according to Google. The company started indexing the content of TV shows from December 2004


I love google search would be lost with out it, that is where I found this web site! Lucky Yall!!
Webmd is great
Mapquest is very helpful!

This is a good thread for future reference!