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  • It's that time again!!:)

    Wishing you and yours a very "Merry Christmas" and a very "Happy New Year"!!:)

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    When we visited Scotland it rained 5 days out of 7 but the day we went to Staffa we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and so calm. We were lucky enough to go into Fingles Cave. We didn't mind the rain because we saw the most wonderful rainbows and got some good photos of them. :)

    Did you see Steven in concert last year?
    I have been back to Germany once since I left to come to the USA.I do miss it very much!

    Thank you for the compliment!!:)
    Thank you for being my friend!!

    I am from Germany, never been to Scottland, but been to London!!
    You choose well. It does show a thoughtful moment.

    Happy to be your friend. I see you are from Scotland, I went there on holiday last year and I want to go back it was so relaxing and beautiful.
    Thanks guys i chose this picture because i think it shows steven's more sensitive side and it looks like he is in deep contemplation.
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