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  • Hi It's been a long time since I was on here boy has it changed. Looks pretty good. I have not kept in touch with anyone since then. It will be a year since my Dad's passing on the 28th of this month. Have been busy with Mother so haven't had a whole lot of time. I see you have MOVED still in Kanasa? Well got to go nap time is over I'try to get on her more often. See Ya :)
    Hi Anneliese!

    I'm not visiting this site very much any longer :/
    So I thought I could take my time to write something to my nice friend!

    How are you? :)
    It's amazing, Ann! I'm glad that You finished this "work"! Now You can be proud of yourself! ;) Besides, there's a reason. Today is the holiday - The International Labor Day - it should be very symbolic for You. So, I congratulate You on this holiday! Have a nice time to relax, Ann, - You've deserved such reward, be sure! ;)
    I am done getting my new house fixed up and done with the yard. Life is good!! Love being home!!
    Thanks Kirill. Finally got done moving and fixing up my new house and yard. Love my new home!!
    Sorry friends that I haven't been here for awhile!! I moved and I am busy fixing up my new house!! Missed you all!!
    This world is doing some freaky things if its not snow storms its floods and if it not floods its fires and if its not fires its earthquakes like in Christchurch New Zealand an earthquake has hit 6.3 as of not long ago 65 people had died iam so glad our friend pandora wasnt amongst it but her cousin saw some things ..
    Hi girl how you going has that snow let up yet? the weather here today is lovely not too cold not too hot just right...
    :) And again Hello, Ann! How're U in this wonderful day? Hope, everything's fine! I want to congratulate You with "St. Valentine's day", with this great holiday, which was created only with one purpose - to make the people believe that the love is, that we love and our close people love us too.

    I wish You to spend the more the better of the time with the people who You love, to appreciate it and to hope, that the life and love keep only pleasant surprises for us. Good day for You and Your lovely, let the Sun also wink and smile You this beautiful day!..

    P.S. And don't forget The Beatles, who sang that "... All You need is love" ;) Be good, Dear Ann!
    Yes i will be at school soon ...counting the days..iam doing advanced sciens and cooking for diabetics and history and geography..think that may keep me out of michief
    Thanks for the Birthday wish. That was sweet of you.
    Yep, I´m in a kind of good mood lately! My first name is Juan, well, Juan Miguel, John Michael in english, but it´s too long for me, soooo I prefer only Juan, just Juan, Juan for/to Anneliese, Anne..& liese, beautiful name.

    See ya, chao!
    Yeah! I was sneaking on u...spying on u....hahahaha...bye blondie!! be cool, all the best, honeybabe!! Chao!!

    P.S: Heartland...Such a nice name for a place to live...Land of the heart, land of of romance...yep! see ya giiiirlll!
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