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  • Guys...SO beyond happy about the True Justice contest!! I hope I get some sleep tonight...because I only got 3 hours last night
    I need Steven to do Accupunture on me...I am a hurting young lady tonight, I am sure his big "stick"ing needles would feel good
    Definitely could use Steven doing some accupunture on me tonight, with his needles, or, anything else he would like to poke me with
    P do i make you put you on my buddy list on the photo page? It says to go to your profile and click on Add to buddy list but I'm not seeing it.
    Barbara...what's your email so I can send you my number. I don't want to give it to everbody. Just you and Steven. hahah
    Ok....wish me luck my peeps, going on a coffee date this afternoon....please, PLEASE let this guy be normal!!!
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