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    Television "Lawman" Season 3 Production Begins - Maricopa County, Arizona

    Thank you for all emails made me happy
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    Maximum Conviction

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    Television Dark Vengeance - Available October 3rd - UK

    The serie is running on US% since a couple of months
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    How funny finally they succeed to merge my to accounts as 'new' member and 'old' member. Good to sse you guys again...lol
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    Repeating my Facebook message: Happy Birthday! Love and Blessings: Katalin
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    Television Steven Seagal v Justin Lee Collins

    Justin invited him into UK for this summer. When will he come? Do you know anything about it?:)
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    Clean jokes for a dirty world

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    A Happy New Year !!!

    Dear Suzi, thank you very much! Using opportunities of site I want to send all my best wishes for the New Year with Prosperity, Fun and Happiness to You andto all theAdministrators and Members ! Katalin
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    Clean jokes for a dirty world

    this is the best on the whole site...lol
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    I'd taste those oysters with pleasure.........:)
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    Have a look: youtube: Steven Seagal: Lawman: Bar-B-Que Man
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    Quote Of The Day

    very good!
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    Clean jokes for a dirty world

    :D:DBLONDIE xxx 2 Blondies on the phone: A: hey, you also don't have any hot water on the tap? B: yes we do, its only cold now..... XXX Blondie driving. At crossing a homeless bows through the window and asks for a fag ...she gives a cigi At the next crossing stops again and the...