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  • Thank the lord that the snow has left and the weather is warm as my favorite blanket. I feel at rest now as I do not have to struggle to get warm and handle the pain of my disability. This is the best time of the year asa mother nature is giving us not only beautiful flowers and other beautiful sites. I feel happy and content with mother nature in the depth of my heart.
    I am doing well as the winter slowly disapates I am more and more looking forward to warm weather. I am going through things narrowing my baggage as I go. I am getting ready to move to god knows where. I am looking at Tucson, Az at this moment and that may change depending how things go between now and the end of the summer. Eager to move away from here but not sure where to end up. Will make up my mind as I go into the end of the year. With my physical body not the way I'd like maybe warmer weather will chear it up. Talk to you later. Keep warm.

    It's good to hear from you. Been thinking about you and how you are getting along.

    The Kansas winter has been something else this year. But I guess it's like that all over the USA. Just when you think it's getting better another snow storm comes along. Can't wait for spring to get here.

    Let me know how things are going for you!!OK?
    I would like to have more friends. I do not have much of a chance to get out during the winter as the snow and the ice are major hazards foe me. I do enjoy working on my vehicles as I used to be a aircraft mechanic and loved every minute of it. It is hard during the winter because I do not have a garage or shed to work in. All in all I try to other projects such as computer upgrading and building on my own computer. Hope your winter is treating you well.
    You are very welcome. Hope things will work out for you and life will get easier for you!!

    Take care and be safe!!;)
    I have a disability that restricts what I can do. I am going to relocate to a much regular temps and moisture so that I may be able to get out and do more. I am looking at New Orleans and Amarillo Texas as two locations that meet those reqiurements. I am going to try New Orleans first and see if life may be easier on me. Thanks for the caring.
    Just stopping by to say "Hello" and "Welcome"!!
    Sorry you are so sad. Wished I could say something to make you feel better!!:)
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